A loss for words

He heard my weakest calls, and still came.


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8 


" I can't believe you're making me do this." I complained to Em. "Destiny, if you don't meet them you're going to regret it for the rest of your life. He won't even remember you, trust me." She argued back. I sighed and agreed, "I know, it's just so embarrassing, and I don't even know what to say! I mean I'm going to be looking at his scrap, and when we take the picture, I know it will get out, and I'm going to be 'the girl who wrecked his face and then got a picture' I mean did you see how many girls said shit to me already!" At lease twenty girls came up to me and said something about the accident, and most of them were not nice. "Take it one step at a time," 

We where the last people in line and and next up. "I can't do this!" Em said grabbing my arm. "You're kidding me right." I looked at her, "You're going in there." I demanded. She opened her mouth to argue with me, but just as she did the guard  called us in to the room. My hand flew for Em's, my heart was racing, this was it.

"Hello," I heard the beautiful chorus of voices in front of me. "Hi!" Em managed to chimed back at them, and with out hesitation she went to talk to Niall. Attempting to avoid Harry, I went to talk to Louis. I thanked him, and explained, I told him that he was beautiful and that people are disgusting, "Well you're welcome love, and I'm so proud of you for getting through that, but hey, don't worry about me you guys keep me going," He smiled, I started to get emotional, but tried to hold it in. I then when to Liam and Zayn, and talked to them and the said basically the same as Louis.

"But um Zayn?" I asked quietly. "Yeah love?" He replied. "Well um.. I.. You where the one that got me to even listen to you guys, so in a way, its because of you I found you guys, which saved my life, if that made sense…" I explained. "Well I'm happy about that love," He started "I am to, but I wanted to give you something, I remembered when you did that thing with Pokémon, and how you said that your favorite one is oshawott, and well I had a little bobble head to give you, I've saved it for three years…" I told him . "Well thank you!" He said, "But I lost my purse.. I'm sorry." I apologized. 

Before Zayn could reply, a shout came form across of the room, "You," I couldn't breath, I slowly turned around. "You're the one," It was Harry, he slowly walked over towards me. "You're the one that took me down." He pointed at me. "I'm so sorry, I tripped and fell and was just trying to hold my self up. I never meant to grab on to you, I swear I'm so sorry you hurt your jaw, I promise I never would have done that. I have no idea what to say I'm so sorry, please don't be mad at me." I bellowed, no chance holding in tears now. "Woah, woah calm down, I just wanted to give you your purse, you left it there. I'm not mad at you at all, I was worried." He handed me it. 

I didn't know what to say, I was embarrassed. Everyone in the room was staring at me, Em looked shocked, and just started at me. I started to rub my temples, and sigh, "Why do I have to be so stupid," I said under my breath. "Hey, hey hey. You aren't stupid." He said pulling my hand off of my head and looked me in the eyes, "you'll never be stupid." I looked in to his eyes, in person. I've finally done it, I've met him, I've touched him, I've talked to him; He's here with me. 

"Alright! Time for the picture!" The cameraman called out. "Alright what do you guys want to do?" Louis asked. "I don't know, Destiny?" Em asked me. " I don't know," I replied. "How about you guys choose?" I told them. "Know what I'm doing," Niall called out, he lifted Em up into his arms bridal style. "Guys, about about a pyramid?" Zayn asked, Liam and Louis both agreed excitedly, and got down on their knees. "Oh my god," I said laughing.

"Okay then I suppose were standin-" I was cut off by Harry picking me up, but getting my hair caught in his necklace, which caused me to twist my neck, which pulled at my burn. "Ow ow ow" I shrieked. My shriek scared Harry, which caused us to fall down, him on his back, my on my side. My body slammed to the ground hard, and with a thud. "Fucking hell!" I cried out. rolling on my back, grabbing my hip. I heard Em gasp and some people coming to help me up. "No, no just give me a minute." I was breathing heavily, holding in my pain, fighting it. I sat there for a minute, waiting for the pain to pass. "You could've warned me you know," I said turning my head towards Harry. "But then that wouldn't of been as romantic," He said smirking at me. I chuckled and turned my head back to the ceiling. I pushed my body off the floor and sat up, "Come on." I put my hand out to help him up. He grabbed it and I pulled him up, "Shall we try this again?" I asked and we all agreed. 

After the picture I was saying my last goodbyes and handing Zayn the bobble head, when Harry pulled me aside. "Hey um I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out with the guys tonight since we have the weekend off?" I didn't know what to think, or what to say. Without thinking, or hesitation I agreed to go along. "Great, I'll tell the guys and set the cars up." He said before walking away. I quickly walked over to Em who had the same expression on her face. "He asked me to hang out with them-" We both said at the same time, unknowing of the other. "I can't believe this is happening Em, I mean it's Harry." I told her. "But with if they are just 'using us'" Em asked worried. "I don't know what I would do Em, he's my last hope." I looked over at the boys who where laughing about something. "But they wouldn't do that, " 

"You know that." 


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