Under the willow tree

Hi Im Arianna and this is about how a twister destroyed my town and my family. Now all I have is the willow tree. And five very charming boys ;)


31. Yes!


     ''Okay'' i say trying not to be stunned. "Yea JUST KIDDING!" ''Thank God! I mean really who do you like?" "Niall" "And he is"  "The blonde one louis hangs out with" CRAP! Now she knows that Harry isn't the blonde one. "Yea I think you like harry the one with light brown curls,right?" "Yea, Just testing you." I say as casual as possible. "Sure"



     "Wow we should go shopping more that was soooo fun" Skyler says giddily. I just nod and pretend I'm listining but I'm really thinking about why she said she 'likes' Louis. Why would she say that. I don't know. But now my mind goes to the huge t.v. in front of us. "13 dead, 3 missing, 79 injured in the Ohio twister" "Thank you Dana. The following are the people who died. We would like to give our consolences at this time." My heart is beating so fast. I can barley breath.Pictures of my best friend passes and I clutch my stomach. Hot tears roll down my cheeks. My eyes still glued to the screen. Waiting for my parents. When my mother picture comes I let out a scream. Everyone's staring at me, but I don't care. My fathers picture pasts and I stay silent. "Now here is the pictures of the missing" The first one's me. Skyler pats my back. Some people back away from me like I'm dangerous. The next two pictures are people I don't know.


     When its over I stand up and run. I need to go back home. My legs are burning when I fall. SPLAT! Right in a puddle of mud. "great I'm going to go to Ohio With dried mud all over me. "Arianna" Skyler yelps. I turn around and say, "Tell everyone I'm going home." "no you can't jus.." And I'm off running again. I make it to the airport and explain the story to the clerk. "Okay would you like first class?" "Ummm NO"  'I have twenty bucks.""Ohh no not enough" please i need to go home." You can take the resource plane for thirty dollars," I grab my wallet and hand her the money. "I thought you said you had twenty." "LIED. LIED OKAY." "May I ask you to come with us" A deep voice says from behind me. I slowly turn around and freeze. "Please we don't want to shoot you. We are taking you back to Ohio. There you would be taken to the nearest prison. Would you like me to read your rights?"

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