One last dance without you

Everybody knew me! Cute, funny, popular! I did not need some boy in my way! I am the lead cheerleader, top gymnist for gymnastics, and the best at volleyball. I was voted homecoming queen with oh, take a guess the most popular guy in the school Harry! I hate Harry but he loves me! What is going to happen?


3. what would I do to you

My best friend is in love Harry Styles. I was like oh my god I can't belive it. Not that I like Harry I mean he is super cute, with those eyes. Stop it what am I thinking I can't be in love. 


9:00 on Friday night


I heard something hitting my window. I open by window to see Harry with a basket he says " I can't stop thinking about you, you are driving me crazy." I told him he could come in my parents went to dinner with some friends and won't be back for awhile. He climbed up the tree next to my window. I dident tell him I was crazy for him too. I kinda wanted to play plan hard to get. After he got up in through the window he huged me I pushed him away from me. He said he was sorry and I blushed. I hope he dident see that. Harry looked so god damn cute. I went over and flopped on my bed he flopped right next to me. I leaned in and layed my had against his arm he smelled like him. I loved him so much. Even though we are not dating I still love him. I leaned in closer and he started singing into my ear I dozen know the song but I love his voice. I leaned in even closer and kissed him he kissed me back and we madeout. Later that night he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said.yes of corse. Harry is mine I hope.

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