One last dance without you

Everybody knew me! Cute, funny, popular! I did not need some boy in my way! I am the lead cheerleader, top gymnist for gymnastics, and the best at volleyball. I was voted homecoming queen with oh, take a guess the most popular guy in the school Harry! I hate Harry but he loves me! What is going to happen?


4. almost the end of the school year

Me and Harry walked into school and I said shit I left my phone at my house Harry huged me and gave me his he said I can always get louises phone anyway. I kissed him one cheek and ran to class. 


Harrys pov


I slowly moved on to my next class science I hate science I would rather be with Brooke even though the boy interupte all of the sudden I felt somthing grab my butt I turn around to see tessa she grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room and into another empty room. She started to makeout with me and she put her hand down my pants it felt amazing her hands are so soft. She locked the door and put a desk next to it so no one could come in. She was so god damn fine. I think she was planning this because she had a condom an a super sexy sex outfit of. I wasent even thinking about Brooke and I put the condom an stopped I told tessa that I couldent do this I got dressed and and left then as soon as I got of that room... there standing there was Brooke!! She still had my phone and she was cring I went up to hug her and she yelled DONT JUST DONT TOUCH ME! So all of this it was all a game to you tring to pull me back in and then do it all over again she yelled I DONT NEED YOU I CAN FIND SOMEBODY ELSE BETTER THAN YOU!! I felt afull brooke through my phone on the ground cracked it. I am so so sorry texted Brooke 100 times no replie I floffed on my bed to think and think. I want brooke and I love her so much I need her cause I want something in bed with her. I slapped myself stop thinking like that. 


sorry if there aRe spelling mistakes I don't fell like fixxing them so screw it xoxo

rachel anderson


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