Keili Payne, sister to Liam Payne, moves in with him and the other One Direction boys. She's really good friends with all of them, but there's one that she feels drawn to: Louis. When they get together, however, another member develops feelings for her. While the other boy fights for Keili, she must deal will a certain problem that is trying to ruin her relationship with Louis.


1. Movin' In

"Are you sure you're alright with me moving in with you and the boys, Liam?" I asked my older brother, Liam.
"Of course, Keili. I know how much you wanted to live somewhere other than with Mum and Dad." Liam said.

I nodded. "Are the boys okay with it, as well?"

"Of Course! In fact, they want to meet you. They never even knew I had another sister."

"Good. Well I want to meet these friends you talk so much about." I said, smiling.

Liam and I look the most alike out of all our other siblings. Which is unusual, considering we have three other sisters. I don't look anything or act anything like my sisters Ruth, Nicola, and Charlotte. Liam and I both have light brown hair and a huge smile. We both have tan skin and brown eyes. We also are very smart. We are both *kinda* responsible and *sorta* mature.

But Liam has a strange obsession Batman and is afraid of spoons. I don't have that obsession and I am not afraid of spoons.

"We're here!" Liam said excitedly.

I smiled widely and hopped out the car, Liam following me. I followed him inside and saw 4 boys sitting on the couch.

~~The 4 boys looked at us and immediately smiled. They all jumped up from the couch, giving Liam a group hug and introducing themselves.

"Hey. I'm Niall." the blonde one said cheerfully. "Hey. I'm Zayn." the black haired one said quietly. "hey, love. I'm Harry." the curly haired, dimple-faced one said. And the last one, a guy with beautiful light brown hair, said, "Hey. I'm Louis."

"Hey, guys. I'm Keili." I said, grinning. "IM LIAM!!" Liam announced loudly. "Yes, LEEYUMMM, we know." Harry said. Liam put my bags in my new room and came back downstairs. "So, what you guys want to do?" Liam said.

Oh crap. We were so busy meting each other, we didn't even know what we were going to actually do. "Hmmm..... I don't know..." I said. "LET"S WATCH TOY STORY!" Liam said excitedly. "Liam. That movie makes you cry." I said. "Well, yeah, but its still an awesome movie!" he argued. "Fine! But don't come crying to me when you start crying." I said, plopping down on the couch.

Liam sat on once side of me and Niall sat on the other side of Liam. Louis sat next to me and Harry sat next to Louis. Soon Liam started crying. He cried into Niall's shoulder, as I wouldn't offer him mine. Soon they fell asleep. Harry soon followed, leaving me and Louis surrounded by three sleeping boys. Louis sighed.

For some reason, Louis was the one that drew the most of my attention. Not just his undeniable good looks, but his personality. He's funny, and he's quite random.

I soon could no longer keep my eyes open. Louis smiled faintly and I fell asleep on his shoulder. Before I drifted to sleep, I felt his warm, soft lips faintly brush against my cheek....


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