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Hello, thank you for clicking on this digital book of poetry. These are in no way final. I may rewrite them some day and repost them, these are what just comes to mind whenever I listen to music or as dreams and I do apologize if any of this offends you I in no way want to offend anyone. So, thank you if you take the time to read anyone of these in your busy day. Thank you.


1. That Voice In My Head

no they will never understand

nor will they ever give a hand

because they all play the same game

and it’s so hard being the only one who’s sane


i don’t want to be the same

because it would only bring great shame

who are you telling me i’m weird

when i’m not the only one here


as much as it hurts to be alone

it all reminds me that i’m nothing but skin and bone


i’m just a song with no words

slowly dying in this world

just like a conjunction with no junction



this place is like a pool of blood thirsty animals

who are all cannibals

they take your sanity away

until we're all astray


running around in this endless maze  

is enough to put my mind in a haze

your words are like poison in my head

and you’ll only be satisfied until i’m dead

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