Not so alone

Haley is alone her mom died and her dad is drunk so her aunt mary sends her to a orphanage and she only has a dairy and a toothbrush.


1. Memories


Little Haley was seven when her mom died. And after that her dad started getting drunk. When Haley's Aunt Mary found out what was going on she just took Haley home with her. She took care of her for two years until she ran out of money. So Aunt Mary took her to the orphanage down the street. All she brought was a dairy and a toothbrush. Once they got there Haley was crying and a old mean lady appeared at the door and said what do you want? Well a we came here to come give you Haley as Haley stated to frown. Wellllllll ok come on in kid said the nasty old lady as she started to introduce herself my name is miss molly but you can call me miss m. So Haley started to walk in. miss m called down a eleven year old girl Kala.

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