Only You

"HARRY!" I pushed him away.
"What?" he said coming closer to me
"I told you I had a boyfriend!" I yelled at him but he just laughed
"So what? We'll keep it secret baby" He said kissing me again.

Amazing cover by: Herleen28


2. Chapter 2.

Emily and I drove to my house talking about random stuff.
“Hey lets go to a club, haven’t been there in a while..” She said
“Sure” I said ignoring the fact that my mum wouldn’t allow me..
It doesn’t have anything to do with no fighting I hope.
We reached my home and I ran into my room so I didn’t have to face my mum.

It was really that bad.

The moment we reached my room Emily headed straight to my closet as I just lay down on my bed.
“Mia, I’m sorry but you need more clothes, Where are your dresses?” Emily asked throwing everything out.
“It’s somewhere in the back there” I said pointing towards them.
Then I got a text message from Nathan.
Nathan: Hi babe, sorry I didn’t call you earlier. I had a busy day at work.
Mia: It’s fine why didn’t you call instead of texting? xx
Nathan: I just wanted to text…
Mia: Ok well.. Wanna go to the club with Em and I? xx
Nathan: Nah not in the mood.. go have fun. I gotta go, see you tomorrow.

He was acting weird lately.. We didn’t do that much thing together anymore… Wait.. we don’t have to spend every minute together..

“You can ask Nathan to come along if you want” Emily said still searching for something to wear.
“I just texted him, he’s not in the mood” I said sadly
“It’s fine we’ll have fun!” She said with so much energy.


We were now just entering the club. I headed straight to the bar to get some shots.

“Here have some shots. It’ll make you feel better ” Emily said handing me some shots. And I agreed. I really needed this..

“I’m going to dance” I told Emily before leaving to the dance floor. I really wish Nathan was here. He has been so busy lately.. Arg.. Whatever I’m gonna enjoy this night. I moved my hips to the beat for some minutes until I felt someone’s hands on them. I instantly turned around ready to slap the person but stopped immediately. “Harry?”

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