1. Chapter One

Dear Diary,


I thought it'd be cool to start you considering I have nothing better to do. So here goes.

Today I started my day annoyed ( but some what happy ) and I ended it feeling like shit. Complete and utter shit.

You see last night around 11:03, this girl that I've been drooling over since the beginning of the school year told me she liked me, ( for the second time, the first time we dated then she dumped me for some guy) and being the asshole I am I said " cool. good for you. " which only made her angry, which caused her to blow up on me and text me back (this was over kik) a long and stupid paragraph about how much of a ugly/stupid/bad person I thought she was. But seeing as we're friends ( I only have 2 friends at my school because people are ew ) she should commonly know that I frequently joke about people being ugly when I think they're hot so their ego's don't inflate anymore than they already have. 

But I guess since I'm practically the only person who doesn't like her (as far as she knows) she took it to heart and became insecure. But being the smooth fucker I am, I explained to her I didn't think she was completely ugly ( joking she's fucking hot) and that I was only joking before she apologized. Then after a lot of bad bible jokes, I began asking her if he liked me more than the dude she'd previously dumped me for she said kinda, and I swear I cheesed so hard my face almost split. Then I was like 

' cool' 

and she responded with a joking 

'fuck you!' 

so I joked back with a


and she said


 so I continued the perverted joke and replied ( JOKINGLY) 

' you like me but you won't fuck me? '

and she replied ' just bc  like doesn't mean I wanna fuck you '. And i'm just like YOU FUCKING BITCH!! Because she claims to like me more but she constantly talked about fucking the guy she liked, but she didn't want to fuck me? I mean, sure we wouldn't have sex because we're young but still, sometimes I just want to throw her on a table and fuck her senseless, but she doesn't return my feelings. what tf is that!?!?! But since sex isn't really important to me I was still happy she liked me.

But anyway I started my day annoyed because my mom came into my room yelling about watching the twins ( my adopted 2 year old brother and sister ) and i'm just like ' BITCH YOU WOKE ME UP BEFORE TWELVE ON A SATURDAY AND I'M NOT GOING NOWHERE???? HELL NO!! ' But I eventually got up and got them while she did stuffs. 

And lastly I ended (still ending) my day feeling like shit because I lost a friend, a friend I really cared about and he just stops wanting to talk to me, but he continues to talk to the girl I like ( the one I talked about like 4 or 5 paragraphs up) and he keeps saying hes not fine and i'm worried and he never tells me anything and I just hope he's not depressed or hurting himself physically/emotionally. 


- - - - - -
a fucked up teen with a fucked up life


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