The Hooting

A new breed of owl mutation is terrorizing a little town in the middle of nowhere called Owlsville. Named for the large owl population. But when something goes wrong, it causes the owls to mutate. They are doubling in size, talons becoming sharper, beaks more pointy, and a lust to kill humans. When the towns people become too terrifyed to leave their homes, the mayor of their town calls in an owl expert by the name of Jessica Hunter. But even she is yet to know what is in store for her when the towns people say 'they have an owl infestation'. What she will learn later is... 'Your safe until they hoot'.


1. The Promotion

The setting starts in a crowded little street, all the houses cuddled tightly side by side. The street lights are beggining to die down, as the sun begins to rize. A large dog is heard barking aggressivly, not far from an apartment building. On the very top floor lives Jessica Hunter. She is a beautiful 24 year old girl, living alone in her cluttered apartment. At this moment in time she is stil fat asleep. As she stires, she looks lazily towards her alarm clock in the shape of an owl. It is only 5 in the morning, summer well on the way, bright light streaming through her owl curtains. She got up slowly, sitting with her feet now dangling over the edge of her bed. By now you will probably have realized that Jessica has a love for owls. If you walked straight into her bedroom and took one climpse, you would infact realize she is addicted to owls. Her walls are plastered in owl posters, she has owl ornaments cluttering her shelves, and all the books she owns are about owls. Her bed covers and pillow are also covered in owls. Even her pyjamas show many owls in flight. Owls were her life. She had nothing in her house that didn't resemble an owl in some way or other.


She couldn't be bothered to go back to bed for an hour, because she had to be up at 6 to get ready for work at 9. So she juat sat there, admiring her owl infested room, with a smile spread across her face. She kept looking at her clock, excited for when the alarm would go off. As soon as the claw hand on the clock striked 6, the fat owl clock began to flap it wings, pound up and down, it's eyes lit up bright yellow while flashing, and it began hooting really loudly. Jessica let it hoot for a moment, before leaning over to tap it on the head in order to shut it off. She said aloud to herself "best be getting up then". She roze awkwardly to her feet, stumbling clumsily towards her chest of drawers. She began taking off her pyjamas, replacing them with a white t-shirt that said 'I'm a hoot' on it, a hoodie, and black jeans. Obviously every of clothing had an owl somewhere on it.


Next she headed towards her open bedroom door. She trudged along like a zombie towards her tiny kitchen. She had owl shaped toast, with a glass of milk, with a little owl on it. She walked into the lounge where there was a large cage on wheels. Within the cage sat a big Eagle Owl, asleep on it's perch. Jessica snuck quietly out of the front door, so as to avoid waking up her owl. Clearly an owl absesser would own a real live owl. She got into her car, that said in large black writing 'The Owl Experts' with a black sillouette of an owl stood in front of the moon for a logo. She drove casually to her job, singing to the radio all the way. She parked outside a large building that said in massive writing along the front 'THE OWL EXPERTS'. Jessica got out of the car, slamming the door confidently behind her. She strolled towards the building, humming with glee.


As soon as she entered, she was greeted by a friendly girl in a red dress. "Good morning Miss Hunter. If you would follow me, the boss needs to talk to you urgently". Jessica gulped nervously. The thoughts of getting the sack coming into her head. "Is it bad?" Jessica sai with a worried look on her face. The girl said with a friendly smile "I should hope not, your our best colleague". Jessica smiled with pride, as she began to follow the girl to the boss's office on the very top floor. The girl left Jessica outside the boss's office saying a quick good luck. Jessica felt her heart in her mouth as she knocked quietly upon the black door of mystery. A bellowing voice said "come in". Jessica waited a moment before twisting the door knob, and slowly opening the door, as it screaching on his hinges, causing Jessica to wince. She looked at her boss, dressed smartly in his best suit. He sat up straight, a serious un-settling look on his face. Jessica said quietly "you asked to see me". The boss said sternly "indeed, please take a seat over here". Jessica walked as confidently towards a seat in front of the boss's desk. She sat up straight, and waited for whatever the boss had to say to her.


"Please do not be alarmed, you look so worried and tense" the boss said with a cheeful smile to take the tention away. Jessica took a deep breath and said with a stutter "wh-what did you want to talk to me about?" The boss coughed to clear his throat before saying in a husky voice "I have been watching you the past two years, and I like what I see". Jessica smiled with pride and said "thank you sir". The boss put his hand up and said "ah, ah, ah, let me finish". Jessica looked down as she blushed and said "sorry sir". The boss continued with "anyway, I have seen the way you work, pure dedication in everything you do. You really know a lot about owls to be just an assistant manager. That's why I want to promote you to field work". Jessica gasped with surprise, but the boss didn't let her speak up. He then said "I have your first job on the field next week, does Monday morning sound good?" Jessica said excitedly "sure, anything".


The boss said seriously "however, it will require you to relocate". Jessica looked confusedcas she said "what do you mean?" The boss said "you will have to move house for two months". Jessica looked a little shocked as she said "how come?" The boss said "it is an on-going job, and your reward for taking part is £5000". Jessica gasped again with amazement. She said "I would be happy to take the job". The boss smiled cheekily and said "I thought so". Jessica said with wonder "where would I go?" The boss said with a smile "you will be living in Owlsville for two months. It is in the middle of nowhere, so pack plenty of supplies. The towns folk have already provided you with a little cottage to stay in while your there. They will provide food and clothing if you need it". Jessica just nodded at everything the boss said. The boss paused for a moment before saying "you will leave now, and pack immediatly. A taxi will pick you up Monday morning, 1 in the morning. I hope that's not too early". Jessica didn't know what to say so she just shook her head, and remained silent. With that the boss said fairwell, and Jessica was told to leave in order to get packing. Jessica had never been more excited in her entire life. She has always dreamed of a promotion, and being ablw to do field work for the first time.

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