Why not me

One boy one girl what is else is there to say .... NO this is not a stupid little fairy tale where they run of happily ever after Harry styles
Ellie green
Two people who don't dislike eachover but don't like each over either read on to have ur heart broken and laugh your asses of x


1. prologue

Harry pov

I walked down the concrete pavement my sneakers were squeaking as they were full of bud I felt the cold nip at my skin and increased my speed as the rain started to beat down on me even heavier once I reached the destination I knocked on the blue door and waited shivering

Ellie pov

I heard the door but chose to ignore it I knew it was one of Kian's friends I laid back into my bed pulling my duvet closer and typing on my phone texting my BFF

To kelsie

Hey babe

From Kelsie

Hey wuu2 babes?

To kelsie

Nm just fukin sittin stuffing my face in bed I think harry is over

I pressed send and stood up I heard a lugh and knew harry was here I walked into the living room turning on tv I switched the channel to 16 and pregnant

"Hey!" My brother Kian yelled slapping my head I yelled out loud and heard harry chuckle prick I glared at him and sighed " you guys just follow me !" I whine

" actually we wanted to know if you wanted to come to a party on Friday ?" Harry said with a smile

"Did we ?" Kian said

" well sort of " Harry replied

"I don't kn-" I started

"She's NOT going my little sister at avo arty paaalllease !" My brother replied chuckling f

Just to piss him if I did the most stupid thing evr " I'd love to go !" My voice full of excitement ad my mind full of regret

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