My Saviour

Rebecca lives her life in fear. Why? Because her boyfriend, Damon, beats her. She is abused daily and no one knows. She can't leave him, scared of what he'll do to her if she does. Will anybody come to Rebecca's rescue?

(One Direction Fan Fiction. They are not famous in this story.)


1. 1. Introduction

"Miss Kingston, you're late again." "I know sir," I replied, awkwardly standing at the front of the class. "This is the third time this week. I'm afraid that means detention on Monday." The teacher replied, taking a seat at his desk. He grabbed a pink slip of paper and proceeded to scribble Rebecca Kingston: Late. He handed it to me saying, "Now go have a seat." I nodded and kept my head down, taking my spot at the back of the class. Thank goodness it's Friday.

The third time this week I've been late. I keep waking up late. "Why?" you ask? Because I wake up every morning with scrapes and bruises. Who would do such a thing? My boyfriend, Damon. That's who.

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