When a boring old day in 221B turns into meeting old enemys will Sherlock Holmes be able to solve the case before its too late...? poor summary. I dont own Sherlock or any characters associated with BBC's Sherlock, They belong to the BBC.


1. Chapter one

Chapter One


Sherlock Holmes paced the small living room off 221B baker street, Making John Watson shake his head in disbelief that his friend could get so bored easily. John knew from experience that a bored Sherlock wasn't good, And the fresh bullet holes in the simple walls was proof that he didn't take kindly to boredom. "John we need a case... Now!" Sherlock exclaimed as he quickly walked towards his chair and threw himself into the seat loudly and immediately clasped his hands together. A moment passed before Sherlock was once again up and pacing around the small room. "Sherlock calm down a case will come soon, How about I check my emails?" John asked, hopefully giving him and Sherlock a must needed case because they both needed a hard case to keep them busy. As much as Sherlock wouldn't admit it, John knew that Sherlock missed the certain buzz he got from solving a case no one else could and that he lived off this feeling. John made his way over to the laptop, Flipped the screen up and began to stare at the blank screen. "....Sorry Sherlock but there isn't any new cases" John sighed as he shut the laptop lid back down again and spun in the chair to watch Sherlock throw his hands up in frustration and once again threw himself into his chair in exasperation. Sherlock closed his eyes, sighed loudly and didn't move. John knew straight away that he had gone to his mind palace and was about to pick up the newspaper next to the laptop when a door knock echoed around the small living room making John stand up and Sherlock to open his eyes as john got closer to the door. John opened the door and was greeted by a young woman standing hunched over with bright red puffy eyes that immediately started to stare at Johns widened brown eyes as he ushered her in quickly. "" she stammered out before Sherlock cut in. "Yes yes it's me Sherlock Holmes.. Now what do you want?" Sherlock muttered whilst John shut the door and ushered her over to a empty chair and got the usual seating arrangements in place before allowing himself to sit down...

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