Caly doesn't trust anybody but her best friend Taylor and her gram after being dropped on her doorstep when she was little. But does she learn to trust people and try new things when she learns 5 cute boys are moving across the street?


3. The Note


The blonde one definitely caught my eye. I could feel myself staring and I could tell he knew I was staring. Then I felt a pair of eyes on me too. I looked up and it was him.

'Hello love! I'm Niall.' His Irish accent ringing through his voice. Gosh, he is gorgeous, I thought


'Im Caly,' the brunette stuttered.

I had never seen anyone this beautiful. She had the previous big brown eyes with a tint of emerald green around the iris. And her hair. I just wanted to run my fingers through it.

'Someone has a crush!' Louis sang. I could feel my face burning from embarrassment. I seen her blushing too. Maybe she likes me too, I thought.

I tried looking into her eyes but everything I did she looked away.


What if Niall seen me blushing? Louis is probably just playing around,

Niall tried looking into my eyes but I always looked away. I've always been so insecure. He probably thinks I'm fat ugly. That's what I always heard from my parents.

He probably never ever like an ugly girl like me. He probably already has a gorgeous girlfriend anyways. I thought.

'You have beautiful eyes,' Niall smiled. He was probably just being nice.

'Thanks,' I blushed. I always got nervous around guys.

I looked over and seen Taylor and Harry hitting it off. They would be a really cute couple I thought.

'So what kind of food do you like?' Niall said, catching my attention.

'Oh man! That's a hard question! I love all foods but pizza in particular!' I exclaimed, astonished at how much I said.

'Hey Caly, I think Gram wants us back!' Taylor said, winking. That had to mean something.

'Oka-' I tried to say but Niall had cut me off.

'Wait! I wanna give you something!' He said as he was writing something.' Don't read it until you get home.'

'Okay!' I said giving him a thumbs up. Gosh he was cute.

After me and Taylor practically ran back to the house, I opened the note and started reading.

'Thanks for coming over today. You are really cute and I wanna get to know you better. You and Taylor come by around tomorrow around noonish.

Xx, Niall

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