Caly doesn't trust anybody but her best friend Taylor and her gram after being dropped on her doorstep when she was little. But does she learn to trust people and try new things when she learns 5 cute boys are moving across the street?


1. Cute Guys Moving In?

It started like a normal day. It was Spring Break so I slept in. After I got up, I took a shower, letting the hot water soak through my long, brown hair. After washing my long locks, I started rinsing off my body seeing my old scars on my arms, reminding me of the old me. It's been awhile since I've cut but every time I see the scars I feel the urge but I always resist it. I suffer from depression ever since my mother and father dropped me off to live with my gram. I always felt they never really loved me, and I guess that hunch was confirmed when they dropped me off on my gram's doorstep.

After getting out of the shower, I go to my room to pick out my clothes. Since it was looking pretty warm today, which was very rare since I lived in Ireland where it is usually rainy and cloudy, I picked out my favorite bleached shorts and since I didn't want anybody to see my scars, I picked out my favorite long sleeved Hollister shirt that was white and black stripes. I slipped in my vans and the necklace I got for my birthday.

'Caly! Taylor is here!' My gram yelled throughout the house.

Taylor was my best friend. My only friend at that. We are the most popular girls in school but we don't trust anybody else enough to let them in. She's the only person I trust besides my gram anymore.

'Tell her to come up,' my voice boomed.

I heard Taylor running up the stairs. As soon as she got to my door, she started running around, and being crazy. Typical Taylor. We were both pretty awkward.

'I have something REALLY important to ask you!' She always talked pretty fast.

I said,'Calm down, and follow me to the bathroom so I can do my hair and makeup.'

'Can I do your makeup? Pleeeaasse??' Taylor pleaded with her big blue eyes. I always wanted to look like her. She was practically a human Barbie. She was tall, blonde, and had blue eyes that changed with the weather. I, on the other hand, was short, brunette and light brown eyes. We both had extremely long hair.

'I guess you can.' I sighed. She had always loved doing my hair and makeup. She had ever since we were little.

'Okay, so now can I ask you?' She said sounding impatient.

I nodded and she went on. 'Who are them cute boys moving next to you?'

'WHAT!?' I yelled. What the frack was she talking about? Good thing she was done with my mascara or she would've poked my eye out because after that I jumped up and ran to my window and sure enough there were five very cute boys moving furniture inside the house across the street.

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