SAVED (harry fanfiction)

My names tara and my life's complicated read and see what it's like <3


5. kidnapped!

I am put in a car and we start to drive we are going fast. I hear him talking on the phone saying " I got the girl" and then they hung up. It didn't sound like anyone I would know. Suddenly the car stops and I am pulled out of the backseat to see that I am at Josh's house. I want to throw up cause I know why they brought me here. They want to kill me. I am brought inside to see josh sitting there in anticipation. I try to scream but i can't because of the duct tape. They set me down by josh but nothing happens until I hear a faint whisper "Tara." Josh starts to yell" why in the hell would you run away from me like that you scared the shit out of me I thought you were dead!" They took the duct tape off my mouth now so I can talk. I say " you wanna know why josh! Huh do you! Okay here it Is because you constantly beat the shut out of me and you make me your sex slave okay that's why I ran away and i am done with your shit. I manage to get out of the ropes tied around my wrists and charge out the door and run. I scream and yell for someone and then I hear a TARA! From a few blocks a head so I keep running to see who it is. When I reach there I see that it's niall Liam Louis and zayn but no Harry. I go up to them with tears in my eyes and hug them. They say " what happened?!" I tell then what just what just happened. He says" I am sorry I should've tried to find you when you left." I say it's okay then they take me back to there car and we get in. I really wanted to know why Harry didn't want to come and help find me. I worked up the courage to ask them. I said " guys where is Harry?" They all sighed and said" he feels really bad and is embarrassed about what he did last night he said he didn't feel like doing anything." I feel tears starting to form in my eyes and I start to cry Louis is in the backseat with me and tells me it's okay he just needs some time. I don't say anything until we get to the house. They say"he probably wants to talk to you." We walk in in Harry crying, I run to him and give him a hug but he pushes me away. This now makes me start to cry, he look up at me with red puffy eyes and says "I am sorry for being like that I.." He didn't get to finish because I interrupted him with a hug.

That's the end of this chapter :) comment if you like it I'll probably write for tomorrow love you guys!

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