The Shade Wizard.

Penny and Piper and sisters. Well Piper was found on the street when she was 6 and adopted. Penny is now 17 and a fully trained witch, but Piper is still in training. In the realm of elmostone Penny always helps solve local mystery's but when the king hears word of her skills he summons her to help solve the crime or the missing staff. The black diamond staff. Along the way Piper is unsure if she still want to follow in her sisters foot steps, why is the black smith so mysterious and what does she feel for him? Is Penny getting distracted from her quest and what by? Is there a connection from the bakers death and the stolen staff?
Find out in The Shade Wizard.


1. The Gold Letter (Piper)




"Almost done.." I said to myself looking at the not quite cooked cookies. I glanced at out grandfather clock, "hurry up!" I said talking to the cookies. "she will be back soon".

the oven beeped and I pulled it open quickly, "muuuu" they smell so good!. I put them on the table to cool, and grabbed my messaging crystal, "one new message" it said before reading out "sorry pi but I will b about half an hour late today, there's some trouble at the bakery". "uhhh! I don't care about the damn bakery I just cooked my third batch of cookie!" I said thinking about how the first two batches had burnt to cole. "what can even happen at a bakery that you have to get a detective anyway?" I put down my crystal as I heard a bump, and turned round to see a envelope laying on the kitchen side. "funny, we don't get post on Sundays" then also realized that our post doesn't normally just appear in our kitchen. I walked slowly towards it remembering what Penny said, " If you don't know what something is approach it with caution, and don't touch it"... I grabbed it, It was heavier than I had expected, I turned it over in my hands and realised that it was lined with gold! I read it out "Penny Cehatho", "oh it always has to be her doesn't it!". I put it back on the side and sat down. and waited. and more waiting. leaped, grabbed the envelope and ripped it open.      



Hope you have enjoyed the first bit of this story! this is not the end of the chapter there will be more soon! (from mint) bye for now!

~ Chocolate =^x^=   

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