High School

A super rich girl, which is nice will fall in trouble with two boys that she likes. What will happen? Will she solve all the trouble that she'll cause?
Read to find out....


9. need alone time

 ((Louis :L , Jordan: J))

L: What the hell?
J: What do you want loser.
L: piss off.

J: So your still jealous of me, like when we were younger!
L:What the hell! You're the one that always had been jealous hypocrite.

Oh my God! This doesn't seem to go well! 
L:Dude what happened to you. We used to best friends a couple of years ago. But is it from the night that the girl you used to have a crush on you didn't want you but wanted me? You know what stay away from Ariel.
J: Look you stole her from me and now I'm getting my revenge. 
L: I didn't, everyone that was there new that. 
J: Look, I hate you and I will make your life a living hell. Well let's say that I heard you telling the lads that you really like Ariel and you have a crush on her. So that's why I became friends with her and dated her and kissed her and made her feel special and broke her heart just like that. And I new doing that to her would kill you. But she's not here and well she won't know that I used her.
L: Look around moron!

Jordan turned and saw me standing behind him. I walked up to him and told him: " We only dated for a few hours jerk and maybe we kissed but you never had made me feel special, but Louis and I haven't been in a relation ship and he already made me feel special, good by loser!  Come on Louis let's not waste our precious time on an oxygen waste" I grabbed Louis's hand and walked with him towards his car and asked him to take me home. 

******* Skip car ride********


"I'm sorry for today, I planned it way different" Louis told me holding my hand and rubbing it with his thumb. "It's ok, I would just like some alone time right now" I told him. I could see his sadden a lot. I opened the car door and closed and walked to the door and waved goodbye to Louis and he left.

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