Stay Cloudy With Me (a JC Caylen fanfic)

The 7 members of O2L are overwhelmed by the success of their collaboration channel, and after only 7 months, the channel had reached 500,000 subscribers. After celebrating over webcam, the members decided to finally meet each other in person, so each member flies out to L.A, California, and 5/7 members officially move there to live in what they call the O2L house. One of the members, JC Caylen, finally gets to meet his youtube crush Hazel, aka Thursday on O2L.

Have you ever wondered what goes down whilst living in the same home as your crush?


1. Introduction

July 1st, 2012

O2L; Our 2nd Life;
a group of 7 teenage/young adult youtubers who came together to make a collaboration (collab) channel. each week filled with challenges that each member completes and uploads on specific days.

"So how does it sound?" Connor Franta, a popular youtuber had sent out an e-mail containing only these details to his 6 closest youtube friends.

"I like it. :)" His first reply from a member he had met before, Ricky Dillion, "If everything works out, I'm down!"

"Me too! I've always wanted to be in a collab channel, especially with you Connor." Hazel Taylor answered. She was the only girl Connor had thought to add to the channel, she was also a fellow youtuber he had met in the past.

"I'm not too sure, I don't know if I'm ready for commitment just yet. Sorry guys.." Kian Lawley had answered. Kian was a close friend of Connors, but only through youtube, as they had not met in reality.

"Are you sure Kian? Because I definalty want to be apart of this :)" Sam Pottorff, Kian's bestfriend and fellow collaborator on the channel 'SuperKian13' had quickly replied.

Trevor Moran, the youngest of the group e-mail was over whelmed by the whole idea, "O M G, sign me up baby!" He was the only member of the conversation who had not met any of the other youtubers.

"I guess we just need confirmation, or a reply from Justin and then we'll start planning?" Connor typed back to the conversation.

*Kian Lawley has left the conversation*

"Rude.." Ricky sent, sarcastically of course.

"Where is Mr Caylen????? I NEEEEEED to know the dets of this thing!" Trevor was eager to start.

"He's probably eating out at taco bell."

"Ricky don't say that... lol." Connor awaited patiently.

"Hey, it's probably true." Sam backed up Ricky.

"This could be huge for us, it'll definalty be the most exciting thing in my life right now anyways.." Hazel rejoined the conversation.

"It's the start of something new! It feels so right to be here with youuuu, o-oh!" Trevor typed lyrics to high school musical as the 4 waited for Justin to come online.

"Maybe we could start it without him?" Ricky continued with his sarcasm.

"Oh hell no you guys aren't doing this without me ;)" Justin Caylen, aka JC, had finally appeared. He was the creator of the youtube channel 'lifewithjc' and had only ever met Kian and Sam. "I'm soooo ready for this channel!"

"YAAAAAAAAS!" The waiting game was over and Ricky was over the moon, "6 members!"

"So.. I guess we all need our own days. :)"

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