Profile Page Competition Entry

This is my entry for the prfile page entry.


1. Entry

To see it better you can go to

Bout' Me Section

This shows your username, your favorite quote, and a quick blurb about you. You can change the humming-bird picture to a different picture of your choice.

This information is put into a black circle. The text is white and in Josephin Sans font. There are two white lines on top of your username and a dotted line below the quote and above the blurb, the lines show sections.

In this picture, there is the humming bird as the profle picture. You can change the picture to another picture of your choice by going to settings. You can also change your username, favorite quote, and blurb about you in the setting area as well.


Me Section

This section includes info about you, your fans, and tells others that you can also follow you in (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Vimeo, Youtube, Flickr, etc.)

The words, "About Me" is in bold Broadway font. There is a white arrow placed in a black bubble circle, this is an accent. There is also another arrow and black bubble next to the indo about me section, this is used as an accent. There is a thick bolded line, bolded line, straight un-bolded line, and dotted line underneath the about me and arrow. This shows another section.

In the Info Bout' Me Section it shows how long you have been a member, your gender, where you live (United States), etc. There is a thick bolded line, bolded line, straight un-bolded line, and dotted line, this shows the section and highlight the word info ' bout me words. There is a dotted line underneath the words, "Info 'Bout Me", this shows a section. All of the words are josephin sans, excexpt of the words member since and gender, they are in georgia font.

The Fans and Fan of Section is in a green bubble circle. There are lines to show the sections. You can click right and left arrows shown on both sides of the avatars to show all of your fans and fan ofs.

The Also... Follow Me On section is self-explanatory.


Pics and Videos

This is the Pics and Videos section. There are lines to seperate the section. you can download different pictures and videos and show them in a slideshow or show them seperate. You can press the white arrow outlines with a black line to see other pictures and videos.


My Stories

The name of the story is put in a black bubble and is in white josephin sans font. Then the cover page is next in the background of the bubble. The blurb is underneath the cover and name of the book. You can press the "Read More" to read the story. There are lines to seperate the stories and the section of the stories section.


My Favorites and My Lists

The words my favorites and my lists section are seperated by some lines. the cover is to the left side o the section of both of the favorites and lists. The blurb is on the right side. The read more section will let you see the book or the list. The words are in josephin sans. The read more section is in a black bubble and is in the georgia font.


Mumble Me

You can mumbl the person themselves or you can mumble another person. Either to a specific fan or to all of your fans or to every movellian. You supply your message and your username. It agains shows another place where you can message that person or visit them on (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Vimeo, Youtube, Flickr, etc.) The Send button is in a pink square. There are dotted lines to seperate the mumble me and connect with me sections. The name and message words are in josephin sans font.


The Whole Website

As you can see this is a wonderful profile page that I would love to have as my profile page. One again, to see it better you can book at

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