A Boxer's Tale

Ashley is a boxer. She has worked at the Buff's Gym for two years and soon will own it. But, there's more to her past than you think. What happens when a special someone comes into the gym after hours?


1. over time.

Ashely's POV

I was practicing on the punching bag waiting for Coach Jones to tell me it could go home. I heard him walking across the floor outside the door of the boxing room so I stopped and started to pull of my gloves. He walked in with some guy who looked familiar. He was kinda hot. He had black hair in a quif, black basketball shorts and a Nike hoodie and some black Jordan's. He was SUPER sexy. ;-). Anyway, I hopped off the stage type thing. "Ashley this is Zayn. He has asked if you could teach him to box" he said. "He directly asked for me?" I said with some attitude. "We'll no, but I have to go home, my wife needs me" he said with a smirk. That guy is such a man-whore. And if course he is gonna make me do his stuff. "Coach, can I talk to you alone?" I said. He nodded and followed me to he treadmill room. "Coach I can't train that guy!" I said nervously. "You can do it or I will fire you and make sure every employer knows your a terrible worker" he said threateningly. " But tonight James said he might let me see Jordan, and thus might be my only chance! Every other time he said no or I was late because I was doing something stupid for you!" I yelled. "We'll I don't care a bout your stupid daughter!" He yelled. He started walking out and I took a swing at the back of his head and missed. He walked down the stairs and I stood I the doorway. I broke off a piece of the wall by accident and dropped it on the stair. I turned around and walked back into the boxing room where Zayn was texting someone. He looked up at me and smiled. I walked over to the rack and picked up a pair of gloves for Zayn. I grabbed the wrapping so I could wrap his hands and set them down on the stage loudly. I guess a scared Zayn cause he looked up kinda worried. "You done texting?" I said kinda with attitude. "Yea, sorry" he replied. "It's fine. " I said. "So you wanna learn to box?" I said. "Yea" he said. "Why?" I said, somewhat confused. "Well, I'm bored and we are on break for 5 months so I thought why not" he said. On break for five months? What's that mean? "On break from what?" I said. "From singing, I'm in a band called One Direction" he said. Oh! That's why he looks familiar! "Cool" was all I said. I was still mad at Coach, but I didn't need Zayn to know. No one needs to deal with my issues. "So, are we gonna box or what?" I said. I walked over and started to wrap his hands. I went to grab the gloves so I could lace them and turned around to see Zayn took his shirt off. Wow. He is HOT. I put on the gloves and laced them and went to grab the wrap. I usually just wrap my hands when I practice. I hopped on stage and so did Zayn. "So... Now what?" He said. "Well, most people swing" I said in a sarcastic tone. "Right, I knew that" he said. He aimed at my chest but I blocked him. I blocked all his hits except one to the shoulder. He started doing some weird happy dance. When he was turned around I kicked his legs out and he fell. "Never turn your back on an opponent" I said. He got up and tried to hit me but I ducked down and punched his stomach. He fell over in pain and I hopped down off stage. He got up carefully and I took his gloves off and unwrapped his hands. He say on the stage, holding his stomach. I sat next to him and I asked if he was ok. He nodded and I walked to the rack and put the gloves up. I walked out to the lifting room and he followed. I sat on the bench and Zayn say on the one across from me. "Wanna see the rest of the gym?" I said. He nodded and I walked into the treadmill room and showed him that. We walked into the room next to that. "This I just a kinda storage room. " I said. We walked out and I led him downstairs to the gymnastics room. "I train girls and a few boys in gymnastics down here. Usually I do this or help Coach Jones with something stupid or do the work he doesn't want to do" I said, annoyed thinking about what he has made me do over the past two years. "I have a feeling you don't like this Jones guy" he said. " I really don't, but soon the gym will be mine and I can fire him " I said. I walked to a door in the back of the gymnastics room and opened it to see a room with a pool. "This is for employes only, or gym members with gold passes" I said. I saw something near the edge of the pool and I bent over to pick not up. I fell in by accident and tried climbing out. I got out with the help of Zayn. I dropped the thing by accident when I fell in and I'm not getting back in. I walked over and got one of the towels from the janitors closet. I wrapped it around myself and walked out of the door. "We are gonna fix that room soon so it's not so ugly" I said. "Cool" was all he said. We walked back up to the boxing room and I told him I was gonna change. I went and changed into a plain white t-shirt, black capris, black and lilac coloured converse, and my black headband. I told Zayn he could leave of he wanted so he went home. I noticed a piece of paper where he was sitting. It had his name and number on it. I put it I. My purse and went home.

Hope you like it!!! :-D

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