DMATBTPB Co-Authoring Competition Entry

This is for the co-authoring competition for the AMAZING movella:
Draco Malfoy and the Better Than Potter's Broomstick!


1. Job Application


Draco Matilda Malfoy, although you can call me Awesome. Cuz I am.



I'm not sure... Mother says 12, but Popsicle wants me to be his little boy, so 2. Your pick.


Blood Status:

Clean! Duh! I just rinsed it out yesterday!


Reason for Applying:

I need to buy some Valentines for PansyWansyWooWoo. So I need some money. Popsicle said you need to work for your money. You need a job to work. SO GET ME A JOB!!!


Any Allergies:

None that I know of...

But apparently Pansy has an allergy to me, which just makes it that much harder to win her heart.



Neither. I'm a boy.



If I start listing, I can go on for PAGES AND PAGES!

I'll stick with 5 for now:

- DARK PIZZA (Capital power!)

- Popsicle

- Hair extensions

- PansyWansyWooWoo

- Making fun of Potty



Anything to Note?

Popsicle has high expectations on me. He said there is no one better to give this job to. So DON'T LET HIM DOWN AND GIVE ME THE JOB!

It may do you some good to know that if Popsicle gets angry... The Dark Pizza gets angry... if The Dark Pizza gets angry... I get angry. If I get angry... oh, we'll get to that later!

So you'd better hand me my job before I summon my unicorn soldiers! Apparently I'm the Queen of the Unicorns! They follow my orders! Stay on my good side and GIMME MAH JOB!!!!!

~ Your sweety,

Dracy pie. :)


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