Taken By Styles

"Where am I?" I asked the strange man, who just walked in this strange room i woke up in. "You're home now, Abby." He said as he left the room.


1. The Night

I was sitting at the bar area in the club, like i have been for the past hours. My friend Kayla dragged me here. She told me im "not fun." I am fun, clubs just aren't my thing. Im done. i've literally been sitting here since 10. Its now 1:47. Im leaving. Ill just walk home. I only live like 10 minutes away, so its fine. I guess. Theirs this shortcut, that will get me there faster. But i would need to go down an alley. I hate those. Especially at night. They just creep me out. After thinking about it for a minute, im just gonna down the alley. The faster, the better. Once i turn down the alley, i see a guy running towards me. I was about to turn around, but then i saw a different guy chasing him. The guy chasing him caught up to him, and stopped him by tripping him. "YOU PROMISED THE MONEY!" i heard the guy that stopped him say. "I-im sorry, Harry. I-ll get. I promise." the guy on the ground stuttered. "You said that 4 times already! For fuck sake!" the guy, im assuming is Harry screamed. With that, he pulled out a gun, and aimed it at the man. "I-m s-sorry. Please!" the man said. 'Harry' shook his head, and shot him so fast, the man didnt get a chance to scream. I gasped, and tears started up in my eyes. I guess i gasped a bit too loud, cause 'Harry' turned and looked at me. I stared right at him, and he did the same. I slowly started walking backwards. The 'Harry' guy quickly got up, and started walking quickly my direction. Thats when i started running. I got grabbed by my shoulder, and turned to face him. I was so scared,i bet he could hear my heart beating. "How much did you see?" He growled. "U-uh" I didnt know how to reply. He backed me up to the brick wall. "I SAID HOW MUCH DID YOU SEE?" He said getting angrier. I started breathing loudly. "I-i dont know. All of it.." I answered, but sounded like a question. He sighed angrily. I watched him grab something out of his pocket. He pulled out wet cloth. He was bringing up by my face. "What are yo-" i said but got interrupted, by him putting the cloth over my mouth. I started moving my hands trying to slap him, but of course he stopped me. Not too long after that, i blacked out. Nothing. 

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