What Matters Now

Flash forward to 100 years into the future.

Of course, things are bound to have been changed!
But nobody expected this
See what happens when the human race strives for perfection, and what happens when some aren't perfect?


1. 13

My ear-chip awoke me with the soft HUMMMM, just like it usually does. My whole body shook until I got out of bed, a result of the plethora of buzzing. I checked my outfit box, to see what the Council had chosen for all my age to wear today. It was a dark, navy skirt, along with high socks and a professional looking top with a tie. I had dark shoes that had heels in the back. It was quite a... mess. But I couldn't complain. I quickly threw on my outfit and headed out the door.

"Good bye! Visit when your 18!" They yelled, and I think they were on the brink of falling apart.

"I will!" I yelled back in reply, and I was on my way to the Judging Ceromony. I stood near the platform for the tube, and eventually it came and found me. I followed it down a strait path, and then another girl joined in. Her dark hair draped only to her shoulders, and her teeth were a bit crooked. She wore *specs, and was a bit... big on the stomach. What Matters Now

"Hey, I'm Cate," the girl said, holding out her hand.

"Ever." I said plainly, shaking her hand. I'm not one to socialize.

"You know, you really look like you're going to score high," Cate said again, looking at me.

"Thanks, you too." I said, not meaning it, but attempting to sound as sincere as possible.

I suddenly got nervous, and I decided to check myself with my eye-chip. I examined my golden hair, perfectly strait teeth, blue eyes, and my one imperfection: the missing freckles across my nose. I started to dawdle, suddenly realizing the truth of the matter, that this really was going to happen. I was thirteen today, along with Cate and several other strangers, and I would be judged by the council today.


By the time we got to the Capitol, I was flipping out. The tube had picked up about 500 more girls, and I decided

to check my hand-chip to see exactly how many we had picked up. 549.

It was beautiful. The clear waters seemed to mimic the sky, as if it was a mirror. The buildings seemed almost las natural as the lush forest plants from Wild Land. Just stunning.

As we stepped out of the tube, the air was clear and fresh, and felt good on my sun-kissed skin. The *Deeterminds herded us into the yard, were we would watch a clip and meet the council.

As the giant white screen rolled down,the clip started. It seemed old, maybe from like 2023.

It said:

"Hello all members of Productive Land. You are here today because it is your 13th birthday. Now, I know you may be a bit confused, so we are here to explain. As you know, humans strive for perfection. We are here to make you perfect.d Today, like I said, you are 13. A perfect time to Judge you on a scale of 1-10. Your parents have told you what the imperfections and perfections are when you were five, ten, and today, too. When you are judged, if you score lower than 2, you will be killed. If you score a 2-3, you will be expelled to Wild Land and left to fend for yourself. But, there is good news, too! If you score 5-6, you will be fixed. Which means that we will attempt to perfect you. Unfortunately, your memories will be erased and you will go though a special academy to teach you how to act. If you score 7-9, you will be... Examined. Transformed. And tweaked. That's the system. Now, if you score a 10, you will become a Perfect, and a member of the council. That is all," and the screen shutdown. The Deeterminds herded us into another room, where we were supposed to form a line.

Specs: Glasses from the future

Deeterminds: Guards from the Capitol

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