When everyone wanted her

I worked as an escort girl and my job was to takes care of male customers daily. It was all about being the perfect girlfriend for a few hours. Often the guys wanted to have sex, but there were also those who wanted to hang out and just talk.


12. The day...

I had very sore legs and arms when I woke up. Liam had thrown a blanket over me and I heard him snoring loudly. I tried to get free of the cords that held me tight, but I got nowhere. I had pain all over the body and the only thing I thought about was that he wouldn't listen. I wanted to move me away and I didn't want to just lie there. It made even my back hurt.


When Liam woke up he jumped out of bed and straight into the shower. Remain I was and I had just pain in my body. I heard how he washed himself, dried himself and then he came out to the bedroom. He stopped in the doorway and watched me closely. For once, I saw that he understood. 
"Does it hurt?" 
I nodded and felt the tears were close. I had blisters in both ankles and wrists. Liam came over to the bed and sat on the edge. 
"If I let you loose, you will run out of here then?" 
I shook my head, but didn't know if I was lying or was telling him the truth. Liam seemed to understand and direct, he picked up a leash for people. He took and tied it around my neck and fastened the end on the bed. I realized that he really didn't want me to go away. He let me loose.


Liam took up breakfast for me and when I ate, he seemed to clean the room. He picked order everything and seemed to be inside his own thoughts. I wondered why he didn't let me go, but I didn't dare to ask. 
"In the morning you leave the hotel." he mumbled to finish and looked empty to me. "I have paid and I own you. So don't try to escape." 
I nodded and looked down at the food. I was satisfied and felt that my stomach couldn't take more. Liam picked out everything and made ​​sure I stayed on. Then he left the room and went down with the food. I took the opportunity to try and kick start on the body. My feet are asleep and I could barely stand on them. My hands ached and I felt that I was in pain between my legs. Talk about that whole I was ruined.


Liam came back and this time, he came right up to the bed. 
"Lie down!" 
I obeyed him and was surprised when he picked up ointment and began to massage the skin where I was in pain. I said nothing and he was quiet. It was as if he didn't want to admit that he had a heart. He made sure that my skin was okay and then he massaged my whole body. I could do nothing but enjoy, as it helped the pain I felt.


"Okay!" he mumbled and looked at me. "You wonder if I'm like this all the time, as I'm to you?"
I wanted to nod, but didn't move on anything. He smiled weakly and wiped his hands on a paper.
"I have long fantasized about this, taking advantage of a girl and get her to set up. When I saw that you were such a girl, I wanted you, and do everything with you. I'm deep down a pretty good guy, but I love sex..."
Was that a confession? He sat down on the bed again and looked at me long before he continued.
"What happens here stays between us and I know you didn't tell about what we do to a single person."
I nodded slightly and sat up. He smiled and looked down over my body.
"I want to do more things with you, but promise that you will not have to be stuck like last night."


Seeing Liam a whole day felt strange. He telephoned lot of calls, went through papers and didn't seem to be the person that I had imagined. He was pretty normal and he gave us food when we were hungry. Throughout the day, I was completely without clothes, but I couldn't care about that part. Liam made ​​sure that no more than he came in the room and he hardly looked in my direction.


When it was nearing evening, he let me free from the leash. 
"Take a shower now and make sure you are clean." 
I nodded and went into the bathroom. I took the opportunity to do everything I could and sat long on the toilet and peed. I brushed my teeth and I was showering of all dirt from the body.

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