I think I'm falling for you

This is a Jelena fanfic. I wrote it because I like Jelena, and I wanted to write a fanfic. Comment what you think✌️
They are both celebs, they start growing feelings for each other and they need to be apart for a couple of months and then things happen, that may put their relationship on a test.


1. The dress

Selena's POV

I caught myself staring at him; he turned and looked right at me. He made that cute half smile and looked away quickly. I was at the restaurant with my friends, I knew him, and had talked to him a couple of times to movie premieres. He was kind of cute, his smile, and his eyes, actually everything about him, made me being drawn to him. “Selena” I heard Ashley say “Yea” I said, “What are you staring at?” “Nothing, I guess I’m just a bit tired”.

Justin POV

She was already staring at me, when I turned around to look at her. She is just so beautiful, and flawless, perfect and one of a kind.

I said to the guys, that I was going to the bathroom. I walked over to the table where Selena sat, I gave her a careful wink that was pointing at the bathroom, and I really hope she would come out to the bathroom.

Selena POV

He came this way, I looked right at him and he looked right at me. He gave me a wink, I think it’s pointing at the bathroom. I walked out to the bathroom, and there he stood, Justin Drew Bieber. “Hi” he said “Hi Justin” I said, “Emm. I just wanted to talk to you, I really think you’re beautiful,” he said. A smiled growed on my face “Oh, thank you. You don’t look bad yourself” I giggled. “I know it’s a bit soon, but can I ask you out for a date?” he said and made a nervous smile. “Yes of course we can, here you got my number” I gave him a note with my number on.

Justin POV

She said yes, I couldn’t believe it. She actually said yes, I think I’m one of the luckiest guys on the planet. “Thank you I said” After she gave me her number. “Oh, and Selena I will call you tomorrow and inform you about our date” I said. She smiled at me and came a little bit closer “Then I will look forward to that!” she said and walked back to her friends. I probably was standing and looking like an idiot with a big happy smile on my face. I walked slowly back to the guys.


I woke up by the noise from my alarm clock. I squeezed my hands on my eyes, and sat on the bed. I have thought of which date I should take Selena at, all night, at 2am I thought of something. I walked out to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I look good I said to myself and laughed, I heard footsteps walking up the stairs. I walked into my room, it was Ryan my best friend. “What’s up Biebs?” he said and sat down on my couch. “Oh nothing just thinking about calling Selena. Why are you even here?” I said and put my shirt on. “I just wanted to ask if I could stay here a couple of days?” he said and looked at the ground. I walked towards him “Of course you can bro, every time you know that?” I said and punched him on the shoulder. “Thanks man, I’ll come tomorrow with my things”


I looked at the clock it was 2pm, I thought of Selena and grabbed the phone immediately.

Selenas POV

I heard the phone ringing upstairs; I ran up maybe it was Justin? I looked at the number it was a secret number. I took the phone “Hey, its Justin” He said. “Hi” I said and smiled awkwardly down to my feet. “Are you available this Friday?” “Yea are you asking me out?” I said and let my hand slide through my hair. “I thought I did that last night?” He laughed “But I would love to go on a date with you! Were are we going?” I asked “It’s a secret, but be ready at 8, I’ll come and get you.” “Great bye” I said “Bye beauty” He said.

I layed down on the bed and smiled at the sealing. It was Wednesday, so I only had two days to find an outfit. I walked downstairs to grab my jacket, get my keys and then I ran out to the car before the paparazzi got a shot of me. I drove over to Demi my best friend.

Dingdong “Hey Demi” I said, “Hey Selena” She said and hugged me tightly. “What are you doing here? She said and opened the door, so I could come in. “Oh I just wanted to ask, if you want to go shopping with me, now?” I said and made a big smile, “Sure, I will just get ready, you can just take something to drink in the kitchen” She said and pointed towards the kitchen, like I had never been here before. There was something different about her. Maybe a boyfriend, a new song or something else? She definitely was different and more smiling. Then she came down after 5 minutes and we went out to my car and drove to a mall with the nicest shops, my favourite shopping place.


We were now at the mall and we started to get something to eat. We sat down at a little café and ordered. “I’d like to have a club sandwich and a bottle of water” Demi said “I would like a salad and a glass of water, thank you” I said and smiled at the waitress. She took the menu carts and walked out to the kitchen.

After we ate and drank, we went to a lot of stores but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. We went into one of my good friends a designer who isn’t so famous, but he is amazing. Maybe he has something I thought. Demi and I walked into the shop, he saw me right away and walked over to me and hugged me, he took a step back and holds my arms and said “Hey Selena!” “Hey Antonio, nice to see you again, it’s been awhile” I said and smiled at him. “Yea, can I help you with something?” “Yes, I need a dress to a dinner on Friday” I said “Just take a look, I need to help this costumer, but just come to me when you find something” He said and walked away. I walked and looked, but couldn’t find anything, but then Demi came with the most beautiful dress in her hands. It was a beautiful long dress, with draping’s on the whole bottom of the dress, the top was full of stones in the same colour as the dress, black. The moment I saw it I knew it was the dress; I immediately fell in love with it.

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