The band split unexpectedly in 2015, and it drew them apart in five different directions, that eventually meet - in a Pentagon.

Niall is presumed dead.

Louis is a professional football player for Manchester United. But will his career suddenly come to a screeching halt?

Harry is happily walking the path of his solo career that he had thought about so many times before...but is steadily turning into a conceited brat who will get what comes to him when he messes with the wrong people.

Zayn is a rising rock star, and backed up by his new band, they may even have a shot at the Grammys. But is the darkness that is slowly surrounding the lyrics he writes, taking over his mind too?

Liam has disappeared off the radar of the paparazzi, and retreated to America. Destroyed by the truama that follows, he goes off the deep end. Scrapping his name and former life completely, he turned into a cold representation of what he used to be, ruling the NYC's underworld.

Anything can happen.


3. Picture Perfect



       My eyes shot open as the sound of my phone's blaring alarm intruded my consciousness. Groaning, I pick it up and press the home button, only to find that it was already twelve forty - five...I had to be downstairs in five minutes!

       Cursing loudly, i jump out of bed and decide to leave on the black jeans I had slept in. I sprinted to my duffel bag and pulled out a green wife beater before shoving other strewn articles into it and sipping it shut with some difficulty. Donning my worn black combat boots, I dragged my bag into the bathroom to brush my teeth and stuff more toiletries into my bag, before taking the lot of it and hauling ass out the door.

       "Looks like someone forgot to shave..." Luke smirked at me. 

       "Designer stubble, my friend, designer stubble."

       "Whatever, lets just go to the car, were going to be late," Snapped our manager, who glared daggers at us. We followed him out, though Luke shook his head and commented,

       "He does realize its complicated to be intimidating while wearing a pink scarf and fedora         right?"

       "A classic Oliver move..."


------------------------------               -------------------------------------                ------------------------------


"Oh my god, is that them?"

"It has to be!"

"James is so cute.."

"What about him, in the leather?"

"Yeah, did you know he was in One Direction?"

"He looks so different though..."


       Paparazzi and Airports...a dangerously bad omen, to me anyway. After all the years, I still haven't quite gotten used to the sheer force of the crowds, and to be honest, it scares me. I shift my bag onto my other shoulder and continue down the long hallway as we made our way to the London Gate.

       "Hey mate," James shoved something papery into my face. "Look at this! You made front cover!" I took took the magazine from him and sure enough, my face was on the front, taken from our latest photo shoot. It looked pretty cool, until I saw the topic they were covering. I scowled at it and shoved it back at James who looked at me, confused. "Whats wrong?"

        "Nothing," I snapped, annoyed, but not at him. "Its'd think they would get tired of this 1D Day shit every year." James looked skeptical.

"I don't know...I think its kind of cool, you know, you were part of the most successful band of the century - "

       "Yeah, well, now I'm in this one, which is definitely going to be better." I cut him off, then followed Luke down the gate tunnel to the plane's door.




I never liked airplane seats. They would actually be fairly accommodating, if they didn't have that stupid bump on the pillow. I mean, how the hell was anyone supposed to catch up on sleep if I cant even put my head back?


       I cursed and shifted in my seat yet again, resting my head in the window instead of the back of the seat as I let my hands rest on my stomach before closing eyes. Now I knew very well that I would not be able to sleep at all. No, I was merely wondering how the heck I was going to get out of the goddamn plane without being noticed by Zayn Malik.

       Yes, I knew he and his band would be on the plane, I know practically everything...after all, I had made sure I had gotten on the same plane they did. No, I did not anticipate that Zayn would be seated directly behind me. 

       OK, so maybe my plan was a bit reckless, but Its not like I had a say in the matter, after the news i had receives a couple hours ago. Someone, I don't know who, is after me for some reason. Any other day, I would be fine with that, but not when it comes to...well not when it comes to the people I care about. Regardless if the people I care about care for me back...or if they hate my innards.

       I jerked forward as i felt a sharp kick to the back of my chair, jarring me out of my thoughts. Pissed off, I flipped them off without showing my face.

       "I swear to god, If you fucktards kick my chair one more time, ill rip off my arm rest and shove it in your arse," I growled menacingly before giving up the thought of rest. I pulled out a book from my bag and ignored the hushed sounds of protest from behind my chair.





A/N: Ahhh yesss, so close!!! But will Liam loosing his temper cause Zayn to recognize him? Will they finally meet? Stay tuned. ;3

May the force be with you


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