When Skylar Vargas gets blackmailed and has to take the blame for something she didn't do and is forced leave the country, her family, and her best friend Jonah she moves to London to meet Perrie Edwards and helps her rise to fame. In the meantime she ends up meeting 5 british lads. Will she forget about Jonah and end up with 1/5 of One Direction? Will the Blackmailer get caught?


1. Starting over somewhere new

Chapter 1: Starting over somewhere new

I couldn't help but let tears escape my eyes as I hugged him tight. It was one of those hugs that couldn't last long enough.He not knowing why this is happening is horrible but keeps him safe.

"I'm sorry Jonah." Escaped my lips through soft cries.

Once our hug ended Jonah kissed my cheek and I handed my plane ticket to the flight attendant and boarded the plane. The look on my Best friends' face when I told him I was leaving L.A. to go to school in London just kept replaying in my mind.

I sat there staring out the window wishing the plane would land already. As millions of thoughts ran through my head and tears rolled down my face, for what seemed like hours i was interrupted by a feeling of heavy guilt that washed over me. I feel bad for lying to him; or not telling him the whole truth. In mid thought, a voice interrupted me.

"We have officially landed. Please stay seated until further instructions." The pilot said through the intercom.

After what felt like a million years, all of the passengers were off the plane and getting their luggage. There is no reason of me being here, just a reason of me not being in the U.S. I'm being sent away for something I didn't even do! I'm giving up my life in LA. for a girl who doesn't have a care in the world.

While walking to get a rental car, I was bumped into by a rushed man; he didn't even stop to help me pick up the stuff that fell out of my purse. Which i guess was a good thing because he couldn't have had a chance to see- it. I guess that's also why I didn't say anything to him. I quickly picked up everything and signed for the car.

With a loaded black Range Rover, I headed to my new boarding school dorm. I drove up and was directed to the front office by a boy in uniform. Then was escorted by that same boy to my dorm. The campus was beautiful but I felt like I was here for all the wrong reasons. I couldn't appreciate it's beauty for what it was. My thought was interrupted; for about the thousandth time today by the boy,

"Here is your room and your key."

"Thanks." I said as I grabbed the key.

I opened the door to a big and very neat dorm. As my eyes scanned the room they finally laid on a blond hair blue eyed girl sitting there looking overly excited.

"Hi! I'm Perrie! Perrie Edwards! You must be my new roommate that I was expecting?"

"Yeah that's me. I'm Skylar Vargas."

"So where are you from, love?" Perrie asked eagerly.

"Los Angeles, California"

"Wow! What brings you here?"

"Umm... I just decided LA. wasn't right for me, I guess." I lied

"A fresh start was needed." I finished.

Perrie simply nodded.

"I should unpack."

"Yeah, then maybe, if your up to it, we could go out to eat? I think it would be brilliant if we got to know each other better!"

"Sure! I'd like that." I responded with a smile.

Just as quickly as I gave the smile, it was returned.

I begun to unpack, but within minutes she was lying down listing to music with her headphones on. All I heard for the next 30 minutes was a slight hum coming from perrie and the zipping and unzipping of my bags.

After another hour had passed, I was unpacked and almost completely settled. Perrie was in the shower, getting ready to go out to eat. I took a look around the room; oddly enough my stuff matched the bright pink and lime colored theme the room had. The room was split in half by a pink and green rug in the middle. On the pink walls, there was decorative lime green circles and

glowing stars covered the ceiling. Green shelves, a pink lamp, and a green night stand. She obviously loved pink and green.

I began to hear the sound of Perrie singing. I thought she sounded good, but then I thought well duh, Who doesn't sing good in the shower; So I thought nothing of it.

I started to get ready myself, I picked a white flown tank with my blue jean shorts and Sperrys. As I began to take my dirty blond hair out of the braid it was already in, I heard the bathroom door open. Perrie dressed in a flowery pink shirt tucked into white waist shorts walked over to her vanity.

"Hey sky."

I though about Jonah. He always called me sky. I just stared at the ground; I miss him already. Jonah was irreplaceable, it's gonna be hard living here without him. My eyes finally laid on Perrie again. She looked worried.

"Are you okay. Is it because I called you sky? I'm sorry! I-"

"Don't worry about it. It's just my best friend used to call me sky." I cut her off.

"Oh." Escaped Perrie's lips with a look of sadness for me.

"Don't beat yourself up. I like being called sky. It makes me feel like I have a piece of home still with me. Call me sky."

A smile replaces her frown.

"Okay- sky" Perrie said letting small laughs leave her mouth.

She sat in front of her vanity beginning to dry her hair. While I sat on my bed brushing out my now wavy hair.

"So didn't you bring any furniture?"


"You brought none of it? No Dresser? Vanity? Beanbag? Nothing?"

"No I couldn't bring any of it with me but most of it is going to be delivered from California pretty soon."

"Oh okay! Is any of it pink or green?" She said before smirking and laughing a bit.

"Some of it. My vanity is white and a lightish pink; I don't have a beanbag, but I have a nice chair with pillows to go with it." I started

"It's pink and has white pillows. I also have a small chest coming, it's a limeish color; and my night stand is light green. I think a lot of it is gonna match!" I finished smiling.

Perrie smiled big.

"I also have 2 or 3 white mirrors that we can hang on the walls to help match my vanity and pillows."

"Great! Looks like our favorite colors have been established." Perrie said laughing.

I just laughed at her comment as I went to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup before she stopped me.

"I'm done with my vanity. Your welcomed to it until yours gets here."

"Thanks perrie!" I said as I made my way to it, plugged my wand in the closest outlet, and sat down.

"Of course! I'm gonna make my bed and clear up the bathroom; can't stand messes!"

I laughed "Good luck with me Perrie! I'm a slob! But I will- attempt, to keep this room clean." I said winking at her. She rolled her eyes and smiled a small smile as she finished pulling the blanket over the bed, finishing it up, then heading for the bathroom.

I looked back at the wand, seeing that it was hot enough to curl my hair, I grabbed it and started to wrap my long blond hair around it; piece by piece, I curled my hair. After about 20 minutes I curled the last strands and waterfall braided it back.

Perrie, coming out from the walk in closet, obviously cleaning more than just the bathroom, looked at me in shock.

"Wow! Your hair is smashing! How did you learn to do that on yourself?" She asked me in amazement.

"My mom used to be a hair stylist and taught me everything she knew."

"She taught you well! I wanna meet her! Maybe she can work her magic on me!"

My smile faded by her words.

"She left when I was about 10." I started.

"Then my dad remarried, and my new 'mother' came with a daughter. I haven't seen my mom since she left. Every now and then I receive letters from her though."

"Wow. I'm so sorry skylar."

"It's not your fault she left, Perrie."

"Well I'm sure your not the reason she left either! From the sounds of it she loves you!"

"I know she loves me. My dad, not so much."


I cut her off. "Can we not talk about this anymore? It's a sensitive subject to me."

"Yes of course."

"If you still have questions, that's fine but I can't take a lot at a time. We can talk later."

"Okay. I get it. Small steps."

Perrie said with a reassuring smile.

"Thanks perrie." I finished the conversation while I started to freshen up my makeup.

"Hey, I'm gonna go let the girls next door know that were leaving soon, just in case there looking for us later."

"Okay I'm just about done here, so I'll put my wand and makeup away and get my purse."

"Sounds good!" Perrie said as she leaves the room. I put my things away as she walked out the door. Within minutes she came back, singing softly.

"I'm back! Let me get my purse." She said before she continued humming.

"What song is that?"

"Oh! My bad! They were playing music next door and it got stuck in my head in a matter of minutes. It's an new Bruno Mars song."

"It's no problem I was just wondering!"

"Oh okay so shall we go?" Perrie asked.

"We shall!" I mocked.

Hey guys! So this is our first fanfic! How are we doing? Please comment! Should We just stop writing? Or do We Finnish? Do you wanna know what's gonna happen?

Xoxo Jordan and Sarah

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