Diana (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

my name is Diana I am a suicidal , I self-harm , I'm always depressed nobody loves me , my mum sent me away because she didn't love me and she sent me away to live in the Orphan , I only got one friend she is called Leah she lives with her mum. I love One Direction will they ever see what is happening to me.

*Read to find what happens*


11. Planning the wedding!

*Diana's POV* 


I woke up to Danny bouncing up and down on the bed shouting "MUMMY MUMMY WAKE UP". and I quickly got him and tickled him and I said" Baby you need a bath you haven't hadn't had one for 2 days babe". I picked him up and run his bath , I stuck my hands in the water it was perfect , I took of his pyjamas and put him in the bath and I gave him toys and I said " Wait here ok mummy is going to get daddy ok". I kissed his forehead and I went out and got changed into this > 

 I went downstairs and saw all the boy's sitting in the living room ,  went there and said " Harry ,  Danny wants you upstairs he is in the bath and good morning sorry I'm just going to have a Lazy day today would you like that boy's , I just came for the blanket and towel". They nodded and gone and went to pick up what I needed and When I Went harry followed me upstairs , I put the blanket , got the towel and put it on the toilet seat and I washed his hair and his body and Harry kept teasing me and tickling me. 


I finished washing him and I got him out and dried him off I put his superman boxers and out his outfit on > 

Danny  ran to Harry and he picked him up and he said to me " I'm you taking you out for dinner tonight so dress casual ok babe love you". Then he kissed my lips and I kissed back and I then said "Ok babe , bye Danny see you letter". 


*Harry's POV*


When she came downstairs to get the towel an blanket she looked hot as ever and when she said that Danny wanted me upstairs , when she went I went and I saw our baby Danny in the water playing and she was washing him very gently and smoothly  , she raised him off and dried him off and I was teasing her every second and she got him dressed into his cute superman boxer's and got him dressed not to fancy , I kissed her lips and said " Be ready taking you out for dinner babe I love you". "I love you too ok babe bye Danny see you letter". she said smiling oh I love that smile.


I today I am taking her to the London eye and at midnight going to propose to her and are wedding can be on 3nd February just after Danny's birthday I looked at the clock and wow it's gone face it was morning now it is 6 pm I go to get Danny and he ha fallen asleep on Jenna aww how cute and I said "I will take him from here , thank you anyway". she nodded and went upstairs to her room. 


I put Danny in his pyjamas and left him sleeping inside my room and I told Liam  " Liam make sure Danny's ok he is sleeping and I am going to propose Diana and were going out going to the London Eye". He smiled and he said " she is my girlfriend and she is called Jasmyn  see is the same age as me and she is very perfect to me ok good Hazza". I went into mine and Diana's room and I heard her in the shower an I got my suit and the ring and went to the other guest room and did my business there I got dressed into this > 

*Diana's POV*


I was getting ready for a date with Harry and I had a quick shower and done my make-up and now I am curling my hair and I have finished , I put the curler away and got dressed into this > 

 I went out of my bedroom and I started walking to Liam's room I knocked and saw a Sleepy Liam and I said " Sorry to wake you up but I can see Danny before I go". He nodded and I went inside and saw him sleeping soundly on the bed and I kissed his forehead and whispered " Be back soon honey".  


Danny Looks like this > 

I went downstairs and saw my dad (Niall) awake and Zayn , Perrie , Louis but no Harry yet. I walked downstairs and the boy's mouth dropped opened and I said " Take a picture it will last longer". I giggled and I waited for Harry to come downstairs and I saw Harry finally coming and he looked handsome as ever , He said " Ready for the perfect date babe". " Yeah As ready as I ever be". I smiled and we went outside and inside his car and he opened the door and said " Ma Lady. "Thank you sir". I said giggling and got in and put my seatbelt on and Harry got in and started the engine and started driving.


When we arrived I didn't know what we where and he said "Put this blindfold". "Why you going to kidnap me". I said laughing " He put the blind fold on me and then he kissed my lips and said " No I wouldn't kidnap you , I would protect you no matter water". Then we got out of the car and he got hold of my hands and we started walking and we stopped harry took of the blind off and I gasped it was beautiful the London Eye. 


He got my hand and lead me to go inside the London Eye and we started going up and I was loving the view so I walked near the window and I looked at it and thought wow what a wonderful date , Harry then went behind me and said " Something every special is coming for you". "What is it your getting me exited I love surprise's". I said smiling widely and he put his finger and patted his nose , when it was close to Midnight , I turned to Harry and he got down on one knee and said " Diana the moment I meant you I saw a beautiful , caring young lady, I want to spend my rest of my life with you , Will You Marry Me?". I said "Yes thousand times yes". he put the ring on my finger and I can't believe I'm going to be Mrs.Styles soon OMG and we kissed and the fireworks started going off and I gasped "You did this so the fireworks would go off when we kissed , I love you , thank you for the perfect date". 


He then said "Your Welcome babe , I love you too and yes I did do this on Midnight". and we went outside and started walking hand in hand to the car I opened it up and went and started driving home. 


**Skip Car Ride** 


I took of my heels in the car because my feet were rubbing me and I checked the time and it was 1 in the morning and I said to harry " Babe I think we leave the announcement for tomorrow because it 1 in the morning". before I could let harry answer I ran inside and vomited in the toilet and Harry came and said "I think you are pregnant babe , I'm so happy and they leave it till tomorrow Let's get you to bed". He picked me up bridal style and into are bedroom and I changed into my pyjamas and washed all my make up and put my hair up.  


Engagement Ring > 

Pyjamas > 

( A/N Diana's hair is purple to pretend the hair is purple , Well I hoped you like this chapter x ) Erika_Horan12

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