Becca was just expecting to have a very fun trip with her friends but ran into unexpected trouble. Well not bad trouble to Becca, but just to her friends. What kind of "trouble" is it?


1. Interesting Trip.


 I love that feeling of freedom, you do whatever with anyone and no one can say not to. You don't have to have worry about your parents, or better yet, curfew. I like being on my own not having someone right behind you at all times telling you to do different. Then, that's ruined once you realize you're not an adult yet. 

 "Becca! Hellooo?" My best friend, Jenny, taps on my shoulder. 

 "What?" I snap, keeping my eyes locked on the road in front. 

 "Can you turn up the radio?" She asks. 

 "And you can't why?" 

 "Umm my nails are wet?" She holds up her fingers to reveal her wet polish. 

 "Why are you doing your nails in my new car?!" I shout. 

 "Because I needed to? Just turn up the music." She sits back. 

 "Andrea, can you reach up here and turn the radio up?" I asked. 

 "Sure why not? Let me take my seat belt off and lets hope I don't die." She jokes. 


 Andrea is like my sister, and Jenny is my best friend. It's my birthday week, as I like to call it and my birthday was yesterday. I'm 18, finally. I've saved up money to get my dream car, a blue Mustang convertable. So now I can do whatever I want, go where I want and no one can say a damn word about it. 


 "How much longer?" Andrea asks, flipping through a magazine. 

 "We're right outside California soo like 2 hours probably." I say. 



 Jenny is passed out in the passenger seat, Andrea and I are stuck listening to her snore. But at last I pull into a gas station where I can fill up my gas tank and get some snacks. I tried to wake up Jenny but she wouldn't budge. I filled up my tank and then Andrea and I went inside for some snacks. I got some Hot Cheetos, I got Muddy Buddies for Jenny and Andrea just got regular cheetos, we all got waters. 

Soon we were back on the road and then an hour later Jenny wakes up... 

 "Did we stop?" She asks confused. 

 "Yeah we got some snacks and water." Andrea answers. 

 "Why didn't you wake me up? I have to pee." 

 "I tried... you wouldn't move." I said. 

 "Well pull over, I need to pee." She says. 

 "Are you serious?" I laughed. 

 "Dead serious. Pull over." 

 "Alright, fine." I pulled over and Jenny squated next to the car. 

 "Do you have toilet paper?" she asks. 

 "No?" I snapped.

 She rolled her eyes and got back into the car. This is going to be a very interesting trip...


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