Here It Starts


1. A Cold Start

The wind was icy cold and sharp, the clouds up above were racing one another to get to their final destination. They are looking very angry like they are about to explode all their anger out on us below. Winter is such a beautiful time of the year, yet it is so cold and snowy. My eyes slowly awaken and my body becomes alive, the fresh cold breeze brushes over my crisp scold skin. I hear the sound of my Mother down stairs yelling at us kids to hurry up and get our butts out of bed or we will be late for first class. Stumbling out of bed the cold air gives my body little tiny lumps all over. One of us is up now two wait now all three children are up and moving for the new day a new start. I can feel my cold body tightening up on me. My arms and legs don't want to move i can't think feeling dizzy i lean for the wall. Next i know i am in an ambulance heading to hospital. Still in a daze I ask what had happened only to be told I had fainted and I am on my way to hospital to have tests done. My eyes start to close again I try my hardest to fight them closing but its not working. y body aches from head to toe, my eyes are still really heavy but i fight it and they open. But to my horror i find myself in a hospital room with iv lines coming out of everywhere and equipment left right and center. Thinking to myself well this is a great start to my day. Great start to my new start. In my eyes a new day is a new beginning and anything can happen, well in my case something new did happen and it wasn't for the best. Mother comes running in with tears running from her eyes. They are like  a never ending stream coming from her eyes that drop down to her shirt which is then soaked up. I ask what is wrong I don't get a reply, the doctor comes in and tries to explain what is going on but to me what he is saying is just a lot of big words really big words if i may say so. A nurse puts some liquid into one of my iv lines and tells me in a very nice soft voice that everything will turn out okay. I realize my eyes are starting to grow heavy again. I say to myself why me why this again. It was only meant to be a nice day. well it was a good start that went terribly wrong in a matters of seconds.  

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