We never knew. (16+)

(Warning: this is rated R for only 16+ it will contain Swearing/ bad language, and detailed sex in it)
Annabella's only 19 her and her best friend Kate have similar lives. Annabella's mother and dad died when she was just 7 and since then she got put in a adoption center, she never knew her brother, and the person who adopted me is an alcoholic and abuses her and rapes her. Kate on the other hand, her dad died and now she is stuck with her mom who is an alcoholic, abuses her and brings a different man home every night. Try both get bullied in school. What happens when Kate and Annabella decide to escape? When they meet Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn (in this story they are not famous) will they take them off the streets? What happens when Annabella finds out one of them are her brother she never met but yet fell in love with him and he feels the same way? Will they tell people? What bout Kate? What happens when two of the guys love her? What would she do? Will they just figure it out fairly? Will there so called 'families' look for them? Will they be found? To find all this out.. Read!


1. New chapter

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