Just A Girl

Elena Pierce , seventeen years old , has to face decisions that she never thought she would ever have to face , to hold on , or let go.


4. The First Day

The next day.

I woke up the next morning , the sun was hitting my face. I grabbed my phone it was eight a.m . I got up and went downstairs .

Dad was drinking a coffee.

Dad: Morning honey , you sleep okay?

Me: Yeah , where's Brit and Nick? 

Dad: Brit's at work , and Nick left for a job interview . I am actually fixing to go to work myself.

Me: okay , i am going to go look around for a job and to look around . 

Dad: okay , be careful , he kissed my forehead , and left.

Suddenly i was alone , with the whole house to myself.

I grabbed a cup of coffee , and went up to my room . I put some music on my laptop. I got my shower and got dressed. I did my hair , and make-up , then i put my pink flip flops on . I went downstairs , locked up then got in my new car . The car had that new car smell. I started the car up , and off i was . Dad gave me some money to spend on what i want . I drove around this familiar town . I passed the park my grandma Rose used to take me and well Alex . I drove into the busy part of town , and parked . I started to walk around , looking for a place to apply for a job at . 

I was about to give up , until i seen a bookstore ,the one my grandma used to take me to . Eliza's Book Store. There was a help wanted sign in the window. I decided to go in , and check it out.

The store was exactly how i remembered. It looked like a antique store, but with books .

There was a lady at a desk. She was older , maybe in her late sixties. Her name tag said Eliza. I'm assuming she is the owner. 

Eliza: Hello , How may I help you dear?

Me: I would like to apply here , if it's still available?

Eliza: Oh why yes , I have been looking for a second worker for months !

Me: Does that mean I got the job?

Eliza: Well are you good with organizing , and keeping track of numbers?

Me: Yes I am . 

Eliza: Well then you are hired! 

Me: Thank you so much!

Eliza: Say dear , you look awfully familiar , have you been in here before ?

Me: Yes , I used to come here as a little girl , my grandma Rose brought me.

Eliza: Ahh yes Rose , such a remarkable person. Wait that must mean you are Elena ?

Me: Yes. 

Eliza: Oh my have you grown. Now down to business. You will work Monday-Friday , from ten a.m to two in the afternoon. I pay cash , does two-fifty a week sound good ?

Me: That sounds great! Thank you so much! When do i start? 

Eliza: How about now ? My second worker is running late . 

Me : Sure .

She showed me where everything was. Then she went into the backroom. There was about four customers. Then a guy came in . He had chocolate brown hair, with the most beautiful bright blue/green eyes i have ever seen. Again his face felt familiar , like i had know who was , but couldn't quite get the name right.

He looked around and got a book , then he came to the counter.

Guy: I would like this book please.

Me: You sure?

I asked because he picked out a book that was about love and a garden.

Guy: Why you ask , i don't look like a guy that reads about gardens?

Me: It's not that-

Eliza: Alex! Don't mess with her. They both laughed . I looked at him again and it was Alex. 

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