wizard in training

Join lightning in his wizard training along with countless other wizards.


1. Dragon Choosing Time (Chapter 1)

*Note from me to you*

This is my first movella and i hope you like it. I got inspired by the book 'How to train your dragon' and 'Magyk by Angie Sage' Both are great books that i recommend.

*To the story and beyond*


"Alrigh' young wizards lets start ye trainin' " bellowed Gummery.


Today 10 wizard apprentices are getting their first dragons. It's the only way to become a true wizard of the Emerald Isles. Excitedly, the wizards formed a line as straight as a flexible ruler. (Joke for my best friend Alice who pulled my ruler out of my pencil case declaring that she was a straight as it then noticed it was flexible. :D )


First in line was Cloudy, a girl with a particular talent for summoning clouds even on the sunniest of days. Then Lightning (our hero to be....at some point.) He has a talent which lets him summon thunder storms and combine all weather wizard skills. Next to Lightning stood Rainy, then Drizzle, Sunny, Hailey, Sleet, Snowy, Foggy and finally Misty. (Their names are quite self explanatory for their skills, Emerald Isle people like to judge a book by its cover if you know what i mean.) 

" Right, boys first," yelled Gummery, "Just put your head in and see which dragon egg you pull out!"

Wondering what dragon egg he was going to raise, walking up to the sacred jar, plunging his hand in, Lightning pulled out a small spine chillingly cold dragon egg, cradling the egg in his hands he stumbled back to his place in line.

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