Help Me Hide a Body: A Gravity Falls Fanfiction

It was a suggestion by their mom. Some... sisterly bonding trip or something. To a small town called Gravity Falls. It was fun enough at first... but what happens when the older sister does something she can never live with?


13. Chapter Thirteen

Bill was sort of . . . unsettled by how a seven-year-old had showed him up. The kid was smart, he'd admit that much. He'd considered going into her head and giving her the worst visions of her life, but if she meant what he thought she did . . . well, let's just say he wouldn't be able to protect Prez anymore. At least, not the way he wanted to.

"Oookay, we'd better get to work then. I know these woods like -" he trailed off, realizing that he didn't know the back of his hand very well. "Well, I know them even better than Pine Tree does, and he knows them like the back of his hand. So I know that the best choice is to leave him with the gnomes."

"Gnomes?" Prez had finally caught her breath.

"Yeah, gnomes. Little men of the Gravity Falls forest. They worship a human queen and accept offerings of dead bodies, which I believe they eat."

Prez was staring at him, obviously disgusted.

"Hey, I don't decide what other species do. I just know what they do. And I am not going to invoke their wrath by telling them they're wrong."


"Come on, let's just go. Girlie, you take his feet, Prez take his arms, I'll try to hover him a little while I navigate so that the weight's not too much. Trust me, he's heavier than he looks. And death increases weight."

The girls both shuddered and did as they were told. He was heavier than he looked. Gideon was encased in a light blue light and lifted a little more, making it so that the girls weren't as strained to keep him above the ground.

"I can't believe I'm hiding the victim of my murder." Prez grumbled.

"He's technically not a victim," Bill replied, motioning for the sisters to follow him and moving forward with them behind, "It was self-defense and an accident. He had it coming anyway." He thought for a moment before adding, "Plus, it's not murder unless they find the body. Otherwise it's just a missing person."

"Have you done this before? You seem experienced."

"I'm here to help you hide a dead body," And protect you from Theodore Beauforte, he added silently, "not discuss my past."

"Riiight." Prez rolled her eyes and looked to her sister, who was glowering at the ground. "What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing." Girlie mumbled. "Just thinking."

Prez could tell something was bothering her, but she just let it rest. "Where are the gnomes, anyway?"

"Not much farther."

The trees cleared a little to reveal a darker blue portion of the forest. "Hey Jeff! We got something for ya."

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