Stop The Clocks [1SHOT45SOS]

Just one night to feel like a princess, that's all Monica needed - all she wanted. She wanted to feel like Cinderella at the ball or just feel one moment of love for even a second.


1. Stop the Clocks

Streamers hung from every doorway; burgundy, pink, and silver coils dangling in place. Balloons were tied onto a five-pound weight in the same colors of streamers and placed on each of the tables. Frilly, white table cloths covered the circular tabletops and were kept in place of the air conditioner freezing the room by the balloon weights. The gymnasium looked, for one night, truly magical.

Couples were together in every corner, section, area of the gymnasium. Some couples were cute together by looks, other were a match made in Heaven by their intelligence levels. Other couples were on and off again, some even fighting in the hallways on my way into the dance. There were also my friends that came with their dates, and we all car pulled with me riding as the fifth wheel, as always.

Stella, my best friend, was dancing away with her date to this - horrid, terrible, stupid - dance. Her blonde curls were flinging around while she was bouncing to the current song playing. Stella's date was awkwardly standing there, laughing - probably - about how silly she looked moving around. But she didn't mind and nothing mattered because she was having a ball.

Kate, the other one of my two friends, was standing by the refreshment stand with her date, giggling about silly nothings. I expected someone spiked the punch because she was laughing for too long and very loudly, causing everyone to stare in her direction and her date to look around and acting as if he didn't know what she was doing. She looked completely wasted in a teenage point of view; to the teachers, she looked as if she was another student having fun at this - lame, horrendous, awful - dance.

And me? I was sitting at the single's table; no roses, no balloons, no boyfriend. Once again, I was the loser friend that sat out at school functions, the person that everyone felt bad for because she didn't have a date. I didn't mind what they thought of me, it happens way too often for me to care about anything that involves couples anymore.

Usually, I'd sit out at the singles table - like was currently - and scroll through twitter like no big deal; but tonight? Tonight was a huge deal for every girl in the school, including me. It was the annual Valentine's Day dance. It was like the post-Homecoming / pre-Prom dance that every couple - and one single lady; me - looked forward to.

My hair was tied up into a flawless bun, with my baby hairs curled and placed down each side of my face,and the stray hairs bobby pinned in place. My body was adorned with a strapless, emerald dress that glittered in the dim lights and flowed past my knees; the green of the dress matching the color of my eyes. My feet were covered with silver flats that mirrored my image when I looked down at them. From the reflection in my flats, I could see the light green eye shadow overpower my eyelids along with black mascara and no messy eye liner. I was, for once, as beautiful as a girl could get on a special night like this. Yet, I still did not have a date or a boyfriend or any male companion to escort me to the finest of nights in between Homecoming and Prom.

Across the makeshift dance floor, I could see him; my crush of three years. He was sporting a gelled hair style that every other boy had also done to their hair, except his black hair looked better with the distinct wet look it gave off. He wore a tuxedo, black slacks, black jacket, and white button-up collared shirt. Wrapped around his neck, however, was a jade bow tie.

The color didn't match his eyes or his apparel. The bow tie wasn't even the colors of the holiday, but it was the color of my eyes and the color of my dress and my make up. He couldn't have possibly known that I was wearing green, too, but maybe his date was? My eyes wandered all around the dim gymnasium, but I was the only girl wearing green; the rest were in pink and red and purple and white.

My eyes turned back to focus on him, but he wasn't by the entrance anymore, he was right in front of me.

"Green." He said with a smile on his face.

I blushed, thanking the student council in my head for making the room dark so he couldn't see my face, "The color of luck."

"Maybe tonight means I might get lucky?" He smirked for a fraction of a second.

I shrugged, biting my lip and looking at my feet again, "Maybe. Depends on who it is."


My eyes shot up quickly, hiding my chuckles with a cough, "Depends on what you're offering."

A pouting grin appeared on his face, "To dance with me, a slow song playing in the background."

This time, my features softened, letting me show him that I was blushing. He held out his right hand like a gentleman, and I placed my tiny one in his. He took all the effort i could have in lifting me from the seat I had previously occupied and we made our way to the center of the gymnasium. My crush placed me in a spot and told me to stay put while he requested a song from the DJ.

A moment later, he was back and the DJ announced to the crowd, "Here's a slower song for all of you couples out there."

He pulled me closer to his torso by the strength of his hands tugging at my waist. He had both of his arms wrapped over my shoulders, clasped together in the back, while my short arms were barely touching behind his waist, and my head was leaning against his chest. And in that one moment, I felt as if time revolved around us and listened to our every command; the command being to stay still and not pass us by like a car on the highway. All was still, as if someone had stopped the clocks; someone like my crush.

"Green." I stated like he had when he walked up to me without hesitation to speak to me, "What made you wear the color green?"

He let out a small laugh, "I asked around on what you were planning to wear. Stella finally spit it out because she's been trying to get us together for the most of this school year. I took the opportunity so that everyone would see that you had a date, plus the fact that mine ditched me for Vegas."

I couldn't help but laugh, "I'd have to thank her later, Stella I mean, and your date was dumb for leaving you."

He shrugged his shoulders, "But I'm glad I came anyways, Monica." He tore himself away from me slowly. The song had ended without our realization.

"Yeah, I'm glad you came, too..." I trailed off as he walked back through the double doors that lead into the hallways, "Calum..."

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