Just a train


1. Chapter one

The wheels' sound could be heard from all wagons, annoying but consistant. Allowing people to get used to it and falling asleep. It was middle winter, and snowflakes hit the windows softly melting before reaching the ground. At least, the train was warm.

It was finally 3 am in the morning. Clary and Sam escaped their respective rooms careful not to wake up their parents. They had agreed to meet up that night.

Clary arrived first to the train's lobby. It was dark and empty, terrifying she thought. Sam didn't take long to arrive.

-So... show me what you found out. -she said with a tired voice.

Sam looked around, when he was sure no one was watching he grabbed something from his pocket and handed it to Clary. She looked confused. Even though it was dark, a dim light illuminated the object. A small, black box. It was long, some glasses could've fitted in.

-So what? A box. You found a box.

-Clary, if they gave you a present... would you judge it by its box? Or by what's inside? -She was too tired to reply. Clary gently pulled the lid off the box, she stared at what was inside.

A long, sharp knife, covered with dry blood.

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