The Day I Met Justin

Do you ever dream of just walking down the street and bumping into the Biebs? Here's a story about just that.

Daisy is a British 16 year old girl who moves to America. She starts making Youtube videos and becomes quite well known. When in town with her friends she just happens to meet the boy of her dreams, Justin Bieber, who also just moved from Canada. This is her story...


1. A New Me

I'm so excited for the move, you would not believe! America is so big and exciting and cool and...omg I don't know how I will cope for the next day. This time tomorrow I will be living in California!

We're moving because Dad got a promotion to the main office out in California.

Americans love British people so it will be really embarrassing but hopefully I'll fit in. I'm really scared though, I know nothing about America! Except that you're allowed to wear anything you want to school which is awesome! I think I'm gonna miss England though.

I'm all packed and ready to go, one more sleep to go!


I just woke up at the crack of dawn to go to the airport. I said goodbye to my relatives and...I don't really have any friends. I'm so glad we're moving, this will be a new start for me. No one has to know about my life in England. For all they know I could have been really popular. I wasn't. I have been bullied my whole life, my hair was always greasy and straggly, I didn't dress well and I was spotty. When I finally hit puberty and developed into a young woman, got out the other side of my acne and actually had a figure and lost was no use. Everyone there knew what I used to be like and I couldn't escape it. I want to do something new with my appearance, first thing I'm doing when we arrive is getting new clothes, a new hairstyle and heaps of new makeup. And I won't be Daisy anymore. I'm going to be Danielle. It sounds so much more grown up and confident. This is a new start, this is the new me.

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