Swimming in the Sky

Ashton Blakely had just graduated high school with a scholarship to a college three hours from home. She'd be crazy not to take it. So, she does because she knows Carter would've wanted her too. He would've been going to the same college. But of course he's not. He's gone. Carter's dead. So Ashton has to face college alone.
Ashton isn't very thrilled about going on without him—she's never been good at socializing without him. But she knows she has to. She can't choke. Not now.
She finally feels like a different person. Like she could be someone without Carter.
So when Ashton meets her roommate's brother, she knows this feeling of independence won't last long. Luke is just too mesmerizing for her. He's super tall. And it's driving her crazy because the only boy who was ever taller than her was Carter. She won't be able to focus if Luke is around. She can't seem to get away from boys. But the only boy she ever wanted was Carter. So what happens when Luke becomes her main distraction?

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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