School with Stephano (Pewdiepie/Stephano fanfic)

This is my first story and i decided it will be something about Stephano and PewDiePie.
So if you are wondering, in this story your name is Emily and you are just starting high school. There are a lot of bullies that you have to stay away from,but there is one guy with his friends that catches your eye.His name is Stephano and his friends names are Pewdiepie, Gonzales (Stephanos brother), Piggeh, Mr Chair, Jenifer and Marzia. You will see how it turns out :)

BTW sorry if i miss spell something,my english isn't the best but i am really trying :)

Let me know if you like it :)


1. School bully




As i am slowly waking up,i hear my alarm clock getting louder and louder. I'm still to tired to open my eyes but i turn the alarm off and jump off my bed with joy cause i know that this was my first day of high school. I went in the bathroom to take a shower. When i finished showering,i wrapped myself in a towel and went in my room to decide what am i going to wear. I opened my closet and took a purple,long sleeved shirt along with light blue ripped skinny jeans. I put them on and brushed my long brown curly hair that at this point looked like hell. When i finished,i put on my black boots and my short pink jacket cause it was cold outside. I looked at the clock and i realized that i will bee late unless i go now so i grabbed my neon pink backpack and keys and rushed outside so i wouldn't be late.

I arrived just in time. The school was huge so i instantly knew that i am going to get lost and be late for my class. After i took my schedule and locker keys,i went there to leave my jacket and take the books that i need.

While i was standing there searching for the right book,i was thinking about how is my day going to be and who am i going to meet. When i turned around,i bumped into someone and dropped my books. I was really embarrassed,and at this point,was apologizing constantly while i was picking up my books. When i stood up i saw a really tall guy. He had dark brown hair and black glasses because of witch i couldn't see his eyes. He had a brown jacket and black skinny jeans. Under his jacket was a black shirt. He was wearing dark brown shoes and had a strange laugh.

"Hey,where do you think you are going?" he said with a angry voice but still smiling

"I-I-I'm really sorry i didn't see you there..." i answered really embarrassed looking down

"Do you have any idea what have you just done?" he asked

I was beginning to wonder what have i just done. I slowly lifted up my head and asked "Wh-what?"

He laughed and it really scared me "You really have no idea what have you just done?" he asked

I knew that something bad was going to happen so i tried to slowly step backwards so i can run away when he stepped even closer to my face. Now he was just inches away from me... He was taller than me and my head just came to his shoulders. I slowly lifted my head so i can see his face. He was looking down at me and that really scared me.I could feel his cold breath on my face.

All the sudden he smacked my books and papers on the floor. They were everywhere.

"Hey,why did you do that?" i asked slightly pissed off

"Why shouldn't i?" he answered full of confidence with no worries about what is going to happen

"I can do whatever i want and you can't do anything about it" he said as he pushed me on the chest and i fell on the floor hitting my back. He turned around and starting to walk away when he said "Oh,by the way,my name is Barrels. Ryan Barrels. I hope that name will stick in your head"

As i was laying on the floor and starting to get up, i saw 2 guys running towards me. From far away,they looked the same but when they came closer,i realized that they weren't.One of them stopped just a few feet away from me and the other one came closer to me and helped me stand up.

"Are you ok? What happen?" He asked and i knew that he really cared and didn't just ask to be polite.

The first thing i noticed about him was that he was wearing a lot of gold and that he was really tall. His hair was blond and came to his shoulders.He had kind golden eyes that wore looking straight in mine. He was wearing golden leather jacket and light blue skinny jeans that had two small golden chains attached to them. His shoes wore white as well a his shirt that had a golden smiley on it.

"Nothing... I accidentally ran into someone and fell on the ground." I replied

"Did you hurt yourself?" he asked with a slight worry on his face

"Don't worry,I didn't" I smiled and replied

"Good. Let me take you to your classroom. Oh,sorry,my name is Stephano" he said "And that is Gonales" he said as he was pointing at he other guy.

Gonzales looked the same as Stephano exept he was silver. He had black hair that also came to his shoulders,silver leather jacket and grey skinny jeans. He wore Black shoes and black shirt.

"I didnt get a chance to ask you your name" he said

"OH...sorry... Its Emily..." I replied

"Are you new here? I didn't get a chance to talk to you earlier and i am sure that i would remember that beautiful smile" Gonzales said as Stephano was listening and frowning behind him

I blushed "Yea... I'm new here... This is my first day here and so far it was going great" I said thinking of Barrels

"Are you brothers?" i asked very interested

"Yea... Too bad, exept i got all the good looks" Gonzales replied with a charming smile on his face while he was holding my books and waiting to take me to my classroom

"Lets go" he said "Were going to be late if we don't hurry. It seems that we are going to the same place" he smiled again.




*1st class*

When we walked in the classroom, me and Gonzales wore relaxed cause we really don't care if we are late to class a little bit,but i could see the worry on Emily's face cause this was her first day and she was already late to class.She was staring at the class worrying that they are going to laugh to her for being late. She grabbed my jacket and hid behind me.

"You two misters,why are you late again? this is the third time this week." Our English teacher Miss Leroy said

"I'm very sorry,me and Gonzales wore just helping a new student find the classroom" i replied as Emily was slowly stepping from behind my back. She was so shy and scared. She wouldn't let go of my jacket. Everybody was stairing at her waiting for her to tell them something about herself.

"Well,come on,come here next to me in front of the class ant tell us something about yourself" the teacher said.




Omg,the teacher just asked me to say something about myself... What do i do? I have to... As i thought that i slowly started walking towards the front of the classroom. Then i started talking...
"My name is Emily Jones and i am from Sweden. I recently moved here and i really like it here..." I was talking for what seamed like eternity but was actually just two minutes...

After i didn't know what else to say, i started panicking and froze... Then i herd a small laugh from the last seat... I looked up and then i saw him,Barrels!!! Gonzales and Stephano saw him to as they wore still standing next to the door and i could see the anger building up on their faces. I was opening my mouth as tho say something but no words wore coming out. I was scared to death. Barrels and 2 of his friends wore laughing to tears and calling me names i don't even want to remember. Stephano and Gonzales wore becoming really angry and wore ready to jump on him. I saw what was going to happen and i turned to them to say no but it was too late...

Stephano started running towards Barrels and his friends  and Gonzales followed him. The teacher almost started screaming as the 2 of them wore attacking Barrels. Stephano hit Barrels and broke his nose. Barrels was really pissed off and swung his hand. He hit someone. I didn't know who and then i saw blood coming down from Gonzales's face. "Gonzales..." i whisperd as the room was slowly getting darker and darker. Nobody was paying any attention to me cause of what was going on. The voices slowly started to fade as the pictures and people wore becoming moving shadows. My legs started to fail me and i started to fall on the ground. Nobody noticed and then Stephano turned around.

"Emily!" He yelled but still now one turned around.

He ran towards me and caught me just before i hit the cold hard ground.

"Emi...! Emily!? Do..... me!? ....ILY!" He was shouting as his voice faded in and out.

He pot me on the ground yelling... "Em...!" His voice started to fade quickly as the image of him. Then it all got dark.




When i herd Barrels laughing at Emily,i lost it. I ran towards him and started hitting him. Gonzales quickly followed me. At one point i hit him that hard that i broke his nose and probably my hand... He was so mad and swung his hand to hit me. I stepped back to avoid it and then he hit Gonzales and broke his nose. Blood quickly stated to slide down his face and on his shirt. I felt sorry for all the mess i made and i knew that Emily was probably very upset so i turned around.

She was very pale and unstable. She looked as she was going to faint. I shouted her name and ran towards her. I caught her just before she fell on the floor.

"Emily! Emily!? Do you hear me!? EMILY!" I was shouting terrified. Her eyes wore still open but she probably couldn't hear or see me.

"Emily! Can you hear me? Wake up now!" I put her on the floor as she slowly closed her eyes.




I was walking back to the classroom from the bathroom when i saw a teacher rush out of the classroom where Stephano and Gonzales wore in. She had a terrified look on her face and ran somewhere. I had no idea what happened but i knew it was nothing good. I ran into the classroom and i saw everything...

Barrels was laying in the back of the classroom holding his bloody nose,crying and swearing. Gonzales was laying on the floor knocked out with a bloody face just a few feet from barrels. And Stephano was kneeling next to a unconscious girl screaming her name. I saw one or two tears escape his eyes. The sight was terrifying. I rushed in to help Gonzales and that's when the teacher came in from behind me with 2 paramedics.


1st chapter yeyyyy!! :) i worked really hard and i hope you'll like it (sorry if i miss spell something my english isnt the best )

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