On Christmas morning Xanthe was given a book, a blank book but not by a family member by someone else...


1. Christmas Morning.

Being given a notebook for Christmas was not only the strangest present I had received (especially as it had a blank cover) but also the most curious. If you haven’t all ready guessed this is what I am writing in now. I know it seems odd for me to find something as plain and boring as a notebook curious but you don’t know the full story so you can’t judge a book by its cover! HA! I just realized what I wrote. Anyway I guess I should write down the story so I can remember it in years from now cause if I don’t I will probably forget it like a lot of my homework recently. Well it all started Christmas morning…

I had just been rudely woke up (no not my little sister/brother – like I’m guessing you thought) by my dad. I’m sure he’s been put in the wrong body he’s just like a little kid! Anyway he started shaking me and saying “Xanthe, Xanthe, wake up sleeping beauty IT’S CHRISTMAS!” Before you ask yes my name is Xanthe (pronounced zan-fee) and yes I know it’s weird, believe me I thought it was perfectly normal until I went to school and was surrounded by Amy’s, Emily’s and Ella’s that’s when I knew that I would be different. I would be the one who had to clarify how it was pronounced and would be taken the mick out of every time I met someone new or changed classes. My name means exotic or other-worldly being! Whoop-di-doo! When people found out that there was no going back until I moved to senior school that is. Too make matters worse when I was younger the staple colour in my wardrobe was yellow! I mean yellow, really? X (pronounced z) is from the Greek word for yellow and that’s where my family originates from – Greece! Why can’t I be in Greece now, for 1: its warm out there and 2: I’d be considered perfectly normal as my name is quite common out there! I mean it’s not like i never go, we travel there every summer for 4 weeks because my dad still has family and friends out there, but i don’t see why we can’t stay there all the time. I mean mum likes the warm but, she doesn’t seem to like anything anymore. She’s fine, i mean she hasn't been in trouble with the law or anything like that but she has just turned in to a really moody grown up. I think she finally realized that she is no longer young and attractive like she apparently used to be. Well you don’t have to guess, I mean she mentions it 4 times a week (rough estimate). 

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