The Gods Amongst us

With great power comes great responsibility. Or so they say. What would you do if you had some kind of power ? Would you use it for good ? Or Evil ? This is a world where power rules. A military experiment failed... Hundreds of men and women gained power. The entire planet suffered the consequences. Now the world is split into Three factions. The Royals, The Reapers and The Harradrians. Three powerhouse families that rule their sectors with Iron fists, But the people who live in fear are getting restless. Insurgents are rising. It's time to overthrow the god-like rulers once and for all


1. The world we created

Ten years ago this world was.... Better. The people lived in freedom with crappy governments who were shit at their jobs but hey, they kept us alive. We went around in flash Bentley's to rusty old Ford Fiestas. We had our own problems and our ups and downs. But we were happy for the most parts. But of course THAT went to hell. Remember that crappy government ? Yeah they ordered their dumbass military to do an experiment that no human being in their right mind would even attempt. The creation of superpowers.Unfortunately, it worked. They did it. They created every power possible and kept them in the giant contraption known as the crucible. It all went wrong when they tried to combine some of these powers with a human. The man we nowadays know only as Patient Zero was exposed to the limitless power they had created and guess what. Surprise, surprise he lost it. Went completely insane. He destroyed the crucible and murdered anything that moved inside of that base. Thus unleashing all of those powers into the world. The "Lucky" few we call Meta-humans were given the god-like powers they needed to control the world. But hey, we thought it was cool, they'd be like Superman right ? protecting the world. Haha were they hell. No instead about eighty percent of them used that power to take over the world. his resulted in all out war. us normal folk never stood a chance. No matter how many tanks or helicopters or death-strike missiles we sent their way, they destroyed all of them. We we reduced to nothing more than slaves. But that was only the beginning. Thousands of men and women had been given powers. Not all of them could rule the world. This part of the war lasted merely a week. But it decimated the world into a new form. Wastelands and deserts were created. Now fifty percent of the world was barren. Back to the fighting. As I said the war lasted a week. At the end of that week Those thousands of Meta-Humans were reduced to twenty. They formed a truce and decided to split the world into three.

Three continents.

Three factions.

Five became "The Royal Family" ,The name must not fool you. These five are the most horrifying and sadistic of the lot. They enjoy using their new-found powers to torture and play with their victims before subjecting them to an agonizing death.

Five became "The Reapers" ,Cold hearted professionals. These few took no pleasure nor shied away from killing. They are emotionless and are the rulers that control their empire with the most brutal and Iron-fist type regime. They are known to have a particularly well-trained militia.

Five became "The Harradrians" A strange group, completely insane. They were he users of the most magic-based powers.

And the other five ? They were actually good people. They refused to have any part in this "New world". They disappeared for ten years. But now they've returned. Labelled "The Insurgents" they are back with an army they have amassed to overthrow these evil rulers and save us all. I hope they succeed. But I fear I may never know. I have been speaking out against our rulers for a while now. I thought I was safe in this wasteland. The wasteland that separates the New Continents. But they have found me. Even now I can hear them approaching. Maybe someone will find this. Maybe not, Maybe I am writing this for no reason, Maybe not.

My name is unimportant, I will neither be remembered nor missed so I shall leave you with an initial.

Quod malum, semper incidit


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