Forever: A Love Story

An ongoing story about teenage love through the generations. ♡


1. ♡• Prologue •♡

♡• Prologue •♡

{ Luke's POV }

“Welcome home baby,” I thrusted the apartment door open, revealing a living space definitely not fit for four nearly adult people. It really wasn't much of a home, but to teenagers like us well-...we were just in awe of having our place.

“Wow,” she gasped, her blue eyes lit up in wonder. Slowly, she moved inside, running her hands across the walls, hardly noticing the tile floors and mismatched curtains in the windows. Watching her like that, it was truly beautiful. She was mine, this apartment, though run down and cheap, yet hardly affordable, was also mine. And we were going to make a life here.


I remember the day we moved into this old dump four months ago as clear as crystal. Back then, it was truly amazing. Now however, I question what I was thinking.

“Coffee, Luke?” My thoughts return to the present and I nod solemnly at the one who asked. The young girl walks over to the table and refills my cup without another word.

“Thanks Maya,” I sigh heavily and pick up the mug, chipped and hardly white anymore. Maya's a beauty, and although I have a beautiful girlfriend myself, it's hard not to get a little lustful when looking at her. Besides, at this point, I was a bit frustrated with my own girl, Hannah. Just last night she had given me the news that she was almost three months pregnant. We're young, only sixteen, and moneyless. I know I have no right to be upset, it's my doing as well, but I just don't need this kind of stress.

I look up at Maya, watching as she pours her own cup and sits down across from me. Hannah and Maya, they're polar opposites. Hannah's a stunning fair beauty, with silky blonde hair and big blue eyes. Maya on the other hand, seems more to me like a dark temptress, with doe-like brown eyes and long, unruly yet extremely sexy dark hair. Plus, she's adorned in curves.

“What's wrong, Luke? You're awfully quiet,” Maya sips her coffee, and for a second I forget she's only fourteen. She seems so much older. I close my eyes before answering her.

“Hannah's pregnant,” I clench my teeth, waiting for the reprimanding about not wearing protection to begin, but when I open my eyes, Maya's smiling at me.

“That's amazing, congratulations!” I'm struck speechless, wondering how she could consider this such a wonderful thing.

“But-...” I start, “we have no room for another person, and definitely no money to buy a bigger place.” I watch Maya's expression change to shock.

“Luke!” She exclaims, “this is a blessing! Stop looking down on you know how many people try for kids and can't have them? You two are extremely lucky.” She shakes her head and gets up from the table, putting her coffee cup in the sink, and disappearing into her bedroom, leaving me all alone.


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