Why Are You Not Afraid?

Loki is the God of Mischief and is the Bringer of Ragnarok, everyone fears him, except for one girl, can she bring him out of his dark reverie? Before he starts thinking about ending everything?


2. Roxanna Ravenwood, The Freak?

Roxi Ravenwood was an adrenaline freak, she had "Congenital Analgesia" which meant she couldn't feel pain, so she did the most outrageous stunts, just because she knew she wouldn't feel anything if she got hurt.

In Primary School, her daredevil status got her in with the "Cool Kids" and the "Parkourers" but in High School, she was written off as nothing more than a freak, her insensitivity to pain caused her to get mockery and injured. Everyone thought that since she couldn't feel pain, she was insensitive, she had no emotions, so everyone tried to get a tear out of her, but she didn't know how to cry, she never done so before, that made her even more of a freak, she didn't do it on purpose! Roxi was actually kind, caring and loyal, she knew no fear and was willing to give Death a Kick in the Cojones if she had to, for a friend. But no one wanted her. Not anymore...

So as she sat on the wrong edge of a bridge, thinking about her life, she never noticed that flash of white light behind her, she never noticed a strange figure in leather approach her, until he was right behind her. It was then she noticed, she turned around saw him and uttered four words;

"What The Actual Feck!?"


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