Justin met Josh

The new pretty ladies boy becomes bestfriends with the badboy of the school. Later on the find out both Justin and Josh have fallen in love with the same girl. Victoria. The battle is on. Will their friendship fall apart or will they stick together no matter what? But what will happen when the new girl comes? Charlotte. Will things change?


1. New Life. New Beginning

Moving schools can be tough: meeting new friends, leaving old friends and meeting new teachers. And also moving countries can be tough too. The UK to Arizona, America. I really didnt really that great about moving so far away but I suppose it was for the best. We was really struggling back in the UK, money wise and it all worked out better here in America. I'm a huge fan of football myself and i was training and working really hard towards a contract for the football team Chelsea, which is one of the biggest and best football teams in the UK. Sadly, I had to forget about that but I wasn't going to give up on my dream of being a professional football player. 


This is the day. The day I begin to live the American dream although it wont be dream, it will be reality. It's so hot. And withbthis uniform: shirt, tie and blazer, I dont know how they cope. Today must be about 45°c. So today is where I have to make friends, I have to try my best to grt into the top classes. I have a real responsibility here, I cant let my parents down. I cant and I wont. I couldnt wait to get on one of those America yellow school buses either, they look pretty cool. They are just so different to ours. For the first day though my mum generously took me to school. That makes a change. Shes never generous.  Wow, it's massive! The moment I walked in through the big double doors it looked so different,  felt different it was judt a total change, it was weird. 


''Hey! You new? Come and sit with us bro!'' A medium sized masculin dude shouted me over. Wow he must get all the girls attention. I thought. ''Justin Bieber.'' he said as he offered me his hand to shake it. ''Nice to meet you Justin. Joshua Cuthbert. Call me Josh. I bloody hate Joshua, my mum calls it me all the time.'' I implied. We all chuckled at what i had just said. ''Josh!  Your accent!'' I heard, coming from the back. ''You from the UK?'' he said, shockingly like i was from another planet or something or he had never heard a strong bristish acccent before. ''Yeye, I have just moved here.'' I said. They seemed to loose interest and they walked off after a long chat but the guy from earlier jumped down from the table he had beem sat on and said ''Hey, you never got my name.'' Resting his hand on my shoulder. Erm excuse me haha. ''Chad. Nide to meet you mate. Come on, lets go grab slme lunch.'' Chad insisted. This one seemed like a great guy. Thus crew definitely got upto a lot of mischieve now and then. I havr to say, im more of a pretty good boy myself. We got lunch. 


It was the end ofthe day. ''Jossshhhuaa!'' I heard from behind. I turned around to see a massive grin on Justins face. He knows it annoys me. ''Coming to mine tonight bro?'' He laughed even more when he saw the frustration on my face. But I couldn't keep a straight face for long. ''First, call ever call me that again.'' I could stay serious. ''Yeah course man. Well take my number, you can pick me up then.'' I walked off with an even bigger smile on my face. 



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