Keeping Up with the Shadownights

This book is all about our crazy messed up family, the Shadownights and cousins the Rogues. Of course, we all ourselves Shadownights! Enjoy!


5. Queenie's POV

Hi this is Zoe again…

So Crown of Shadownight emailed me her POV on the grenade incident… 

As I check my phone I groan, up again all night, deciding how to re-arrange my weapons on my side of the wall for the sixth time this week. I don’t even notice the weapons on the wall. As I look at my book I snarl. I just can’t concentrate and I have an exam tomorrow! I sigh and pick up my black biro, fiddling with it. I tie my long brown hair up in a messy ponytail and try to focus. Then, to my total annoyance, everyone starts practising, music, art, dance, the whole works. I snarl. I need to focus so I snarl and throw my book at the wall, dislodging the grenade hanging on the wall. “***.” I whisper (i removed the swearing) then I yell at the top of my lungs, “EVERYONE! MOVE! GET OUT!” I hear a yell and then footsteps, yelling, I think I hear a scream in there somewhere and I scramble back. I slam the door to the kitchen behind me as I hear a massive bang. I’m sent flying backwards as the door slams into me. I know that this time I hear a scream and I don’t know if it’s me or one of my sisters. As I slowly open my eyes I see fog everywhere. I shove the door off me and look at the mess. I groan fog everywhere, the appliances strewn everywhere, I sit up and I know I have a cut on my arm, not deep and I whisper, “Opps…”


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