Chasing The Stars

Chasing The Stars is about Harry Styles and Heidi Star fall in love and it is a lovely love story that has some spice to it!


5. Nightmere

*Heidi's P.O.V*
I turned the radio on, and sang along to Half a Heart. "My favorite!!" I explained to Harry. 

'And being here without you is like waking up too'
'Only half a blue sky,
kinda there but not quite,
I'm walking around with just one shoe, 
I'm half a heart without you! 
I'm half a man at best,
With half an arrow in my chest,
I miss everything we do,
I'm half a heart without you..' I sang.
"Beautiful!!" Harry complemented, my cheeks fired up. We just sat in his car singing Half a Heart together.
"I'm Half a Heart without Heidi.." He sang, I just better wear red blush from now on. "We are at your destination Miss. Star" he was such a gentlemen. He opened up the door and let me out. "Thank you Harry, its been a wonderful day I am glad we met!" I said blushing.
"No problem, I need some advice. I am asking this girl out to dinner tomorrow night and what would you say?" Harry asked me, at 8;30, in the middle of a dorm parking lot... "I would say yes, I am glad you have a gir-" 
"Great I will be ready at 7:00!" he cut me off. Oh haha umm...well I just got asked out in the middle of my dorm parking lot by HARRY life long dreams have come true. His silver car drove off into the distance, I just sat there awed by the stars. 

        I liked being alone, with my food, my cat, and my music! Ahh life. I changed into a sweater, my leggings, and my slippers, putting my brown hair into a bun.
I decided to watch my favorite movie! Insidious, I popped some microwave popcorn and held my kitty tight on scary parts. I stopped in the middle unable to finish it...I'm such a pussy! I crawled into my light blue bed, and fell into a very paranoid sleep. 

        "I do" I said on the verge of tears. I leaned into a passionate kiss with Harry, then the whole scene was taken away and I was watching my husband being kissed by the evil woman in the black dress. My heart sank in my stomach when she stabbed him, blood ran down his perfect suite. "NOOOOO!" I ran for him but the woman started chasing me through the dark woods, I tripped on a black high heel. She found me "You were nothing to him, a pathetic, worthless, fat, ugly, whore!" she screamed into my face, here eyes were a dark shade of black and skin pale. "He doesn't like you, he just needs someone to occupy him! You are WORTHLESS" with that she stabbed me in the heart and cut me open. "You won't need this.." she ripped my heart out and threw it on the ground, her dress suddenly disappeared . It was Mary. Staring into my hazel eyes with victory. 

        I woke up my face damp with tears, I picked up my phone dialing Harry's number. "Hello?" he sounded like he hadn't slept at all.
"Harry can you come over?" I asked him through sobs. 
"What happened?!" he asked alarmed.
"I will tell you once you get here, okay?" I said wiping my tears.
"Okay beautiful." I smiled, he could always brighten a mood. I sat in my room for what seemed like an eternity, a dark shadow appeared in my room. "You needed me?" he asked in a husky voice. I jumped from my bed and hugged him, "Don't ever leave please Harry!" stunned by the rush, Harry hugged back. Electricity shot through us both, I had all I wanted in that moment.. love. "I won't," he whispered to me, "What happened." he asked puzzled.

        "I watched Insidious last night, and stopped in the middle of it cause I am a pussy! I fell asleep and had a dream it was our wedding day and the black bride stabbed you, I ran for you but she chased me through the woods. I tripped and she caught me calling me a pathetic, worthless, fat, ugly, whore, and that I wasn't anything to you. She said that you don't like me, that you just need someone to occupy you! With that she ripped my heart out saying I didn't need it, she turned out to be Mary." The filthy words of hers ran though my mind, tears ran down my eyes. 
"None of that is true, I am madly in love with you!" he put his large hands on my face and kissed me, a warm passionate kiss. Fireworks sizzled though my body, and lingered after. My first kiss, it was amazing. I sat back and bit my lip wanting more.

*Harry's P.O.V* 
        I just wanted to kiss her forever, we pulled apart. Hungry for more, to make her feel like she was wanted in the world as much as she is! We connected again this time not so romantic. She crawled on top of me our lips taking charge. "I love you!" I said gasping for air. She sat back looking satisfied. "More than the stars in the sky." her left dimple poked out. I chuckled and passed her my Jack Wills sweatshirt. "Here have it.. so you will always remember me, even if we are only 1 mile away!" I handed her the sweatshirt of mine. 
"Thanks harry..Love you <3" I laid her down on her bed and made sure she was sound asleep before going back to the house. I haven't ever experienced anything like this before...


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