Chasing The Stars

Chasing The Stars is about Harry Styles and Heidi Star fall in love and it is a lovely love story that has some spice to it!


2. Keys

*Heidi's P.O.V* 
        He was so cute, why do guys have to be so warm? My stomach exploded with fireworks! My body sizzled like it hasn't before, since I haven't had any romantic interest..I stood in Harry's arms for a while just soaking up his warmth and love. "Sorry Harry but I have to get back to my dorm, thank you for everything and maybe we could meet up later?" I asked quite nervous.              
"Yeah!" he replied exited. I walked off without another word. It was amazing, I never knew I would meet anyone like that. I drove home in my silver jeep thinking about him. 'What if he asks me out?' I asked myself in disbelief. 'You fool no man on earth would be with you, he is probably just desperate or blind!' the voice ran through my head I was hurt, not knowing how much this boy wanted me in his life. I arrived and took the keys out of the ignition, then heard my phone buzz, it read:

Message From: Malie 
Hows a goin' how was it with you and Harry?

I groaned at the thought, and replied.

To: Malie told me (I think your voice is amazing Heidi, your like an angle. You are so beautiful, even though we just met I think you are the most beautiful I have ever seen...your eyes are astonishing, and I love your curves most. It shows that your not afraid to be you, I love girls like that!) he also said ( Your perfect Heidi.) I really don't know Zayn.. we hugged it was the best hug I have ever had.. like I could never think that hugs would be like that.. 

He took way to long to reply so I locked the jeep up and headed to the dorm. I searched frantically for my key's,  later I remembered when Harry tugged my hand I lost the key's. I sighed, wishing I didn't have to go back. 

From: Malie
Holy $#!+....He must really like you Heidi... your not ugly trust me and you two might be a thing..  

To: Malie
Yeah...I just found out that, When he grabbed my hand and tugged dorm key's fell out of my pocket. Where are you? Can you come give them to me?

I sat in front of my door playing *Smule Magic Piano* when my phone buzzed to a text from Zayn:

From: Malie
I am actually at my girlfriend Perri's house...we are watching a boring movie, Happy Gilmore. I will text Harry and make sure you don't break your know how the manager will disapprove of that!

I glared at my phone thinking of how immature he was. I really don't wanna see Harry...he is a little to fast in relationships. I mean we have only known each other for about, What? 3 hours and he practically said he loved me, I mean get real people.

To: Malie
F*!# YOU SO IMMATURE!! And okay thank you...

        I waited their checking my Facebook, playing games, and singing for only 15 minutes and bursting through the entry way of the dorms came Harry Styles! :D I blushed trying to hide, but he dashed up the stairs getting to me way too fast. He gave me a dimpled grin and unlocked dorm 154 for me. I decided to walk in he followed by shutting the door. I took off my converse and Hoodie, casually throwing them onto the couch. He hung his coat up politely and handed me the key's. "Thank you Harry for dropping my key's off, I hadn't noticed that I dropped them, sorry." I said not picking me head up from my phone.

        "No problem at all Heidi. Is it okay if I stay for a while and get to know you better?" he replied flashing a million dollar smile. I thought to myself..what a wonderful world. Maybe this is where we can get to know each other and what I can learn about him. OH NO! He would want to know about well my past isn't so JOYFUL...  
"Sure Harry." I answered returning a smile. Inside I had mixed emotions, as they say you can't judge a book by its don't know whats lying inside. 

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