All that matters

Justin Bieber is an international popstar.Me?I'm just a dopey middle school girl.And to tell the truth,im not the prettiest.With this ugly light brown hair and these weird dimples.


1. Welcome to my life

                                                     Miley's pov

   Floating onto the stage,I twisted and turned lowering my arms.Everyone cheered as I entered,swirling about as my long spiral curls bounced down my back.I landed with my leg standing straight on the ground.'RADIO ACTIVE!RADIO ACTIVE!'My alarm screamed.''I'm up i'm up!'' i said clicking snooze.Monday morning always ruins my dreams,and brings me to reality.Horrible,horrible reality..

        Picking myself up,I tossed down my covers and walked to my closet.I picked out my outfit for the day and grabbed my books.I tried to avoid my mom on my way out the door but,she caught me.''Honey,are you leaving already?"She said with a sad look.''Yea mom,6th grade,can't wait.''I smiled and tried to leave.''Wait!Before you go,I'll be taking you to a meet and greet to see Justin Bieber..''I stopped in my tracks.I dropped my books and ran to hug her."OH THANK YOU MOM!THANKS SO MUCH!''I cheered totally forgetting to act mature.She waved bye to me as i left skipping away.

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