I Will Survive.

Vanessa is not normal. She has developed abilities beyond compare to anyone else. This is because of one thing. Zombies.


4. Adjusting

     I ate slowly and soon, nothing left was on my plate. Zack sat across from me. I looked at him.

     "What's your name," he asked expectantly.

     I replied, "Vanessa. Do you know where my weapons are?"

     He got up and put his and my plate in the sink. "They are beside your bed. Don't think about leaving. You won't get far."

     I stole a glance at him. "Strait to the point, huh, hotshot?"

     "Yeah, I guess. But there are steel doors that are impeccable. You cannot get through them." He dried his hands after washing the plates and turned around, leaning on the counter.

     I was baffled. What kind of house has steel doors? "Um, if you don't mind me asking, where are we exactly?"

     Welcome," he said, "to cell number 76, in the ZPP, the zombie protection program."

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